Birthday Special: Not Just Another Girl, Lakshmi Manchu Is A Super Woman! Here’s Proof

Sneha Bale

October 8, 2019


1 min

An excellent all-rounder


Lakshmi Manchu turns 42 on 8 October 2019. She has had a short career but the lady has established herself as an actor, a host, a philanthropist and much more. Let’s not forget, apart from being the only heiress to superstar and legendary actor Mohan Babu, Lakshmi Manchu is a sister to Manoj and Vishnu and a doting mother to her little daughter, Vidya Nirvana. That’s too many things to even count. But she does it all effortlessly!

Watch her in the ZEE5 Original Mrs Subbalaxmi here:

Super Host


Right now, Lakshmi is seen in the ZEE HEROES, a reality game show which features top telly celebs, Tollywood actors and models. She is extremely helpful to them in person. She surely knows how to get the competition going.

Super Human


No matter how grave the problems are, most people turn a blind eye at it. There are few people and fewer celebrities who use their power and influence the right way. Thankfully, Lakshmi is the one who is aware of the problems and consciously works to better the situation for everyone, equally. Right now, she has been raising her voice to gather people in planting trees and breathing a new life into the Cauvery river. You can support her cause here.

Super Pragmatic


Helping people live a better life has become the motto of this celebrity. But that’s not all. Lakshmi’s approach to people, to situations and to problems is what sets her apart from the crowd. You could be a celebrity or a layman, her concern and behaviour towards you will be equally caring and respectful. Now that’s a lady we look up to!

A Super Friend


Many industry folks are closest to Lakshmi, and we aren’t surprised. Who would not want to be BFFs with a lady who is always motivating and inspiring you to be the best version of you, while not giving up on or compromising on anything? Rakulpreet and Lakshmi‘s friendship tales are our favourite.

Super elegant


You can buy the best clothes. But you can’t buy beauty. Elegance and classiness is something that comes naturally to this birthday girl. No matter what day it is, she is a sight to behold.

Super Trendy


If you thought you had to be 20 to be trendy, watch Lakshmi make you reconsider your thoughts. Even at 42, she is super glamorous and can give anyone a run for their money.

All that we want to say when we look at her is, “YES, QUEEN!”. Wishing you the happiest birthday, Lakshmi Manchu garu. Watch her show on ZEE5 here.

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