Birthday Special: Cute To Grunge! Sai Dharam Tej Can Make Everything Look Fashionable

Sneha Bale

October 15, 2019


1 min

Cutesy kid to newbie actor


Today, on 15 October 2019, actor Sai Dharam Tej turns 33. Although belonging to the mega family of the Telugu film Industry, Sai Dharam had to pave a path for himself. And hard work always pays off! Recently, Sai Dharam has given back to back hits. While his acting skills are widely appreciated, let’s take a look at the many shades and layers of fashion that Sai Dharam has donned.

Watch his film, Supreme here:

Let’s take a look at two of the ‘first’ foods. In the first picture, look at the curly-haired cutester and then we have the first-film actor, confused and still cute.

The experimental debutant


In the first film, Sai Dharam was introduced to us as a silly youngster who wore colourful shirts and denim pants. But soon after the initial films, the actor stepped into the fashion puddle and experimented with various looks.

The bold attempt


After impressing audiences with his cutesy loverboy avatar on-screen, Sai Dharam took a daring step – not with his film but also with his looks. The films failed to perform well at the box office. But his fashion attempts remain memorable. Going from sweet to bold wasn’t a difficult task for this man.

Going classy


Sometimes all you have to do is to zone out from the noise and move ahead in life. That’s what this handsome hunk did. The actor says, “I have to take care of the producer and fulfil my wishes.” Soon, Sai Dharam picked scripts that ranked high on the critics’ charts, irrespective of the collections.

Embracing the natural beauty


After having tried his hand at many things, Sai Dharam skipped to picking what came naturally to him. From film choices to interview answers and to his fashion. And it’s safe to say, that this is where the hero gets into his heroism, smoothly.

The handsome hunk


Finally, let’s come back to the present. And we’re sure once you have this, you wouldn’t want to go back again. Of course, beards look good. But man! Here you have Sai Dharam making it a whole lot hotter. Doesn’t he?

Watch his film Nakshatram on ZEE5 and we sign out, wishing the ravishing actor the happiest birthday!

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