Birthday Special: Boy Next Door To Handsome Hunk – Nithin Has Evolved As A Fashion Star

Sneha Bale

March 30, 2020


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1. The sweet innocent boy


In 2002, the fans of Tollywood masala movies found a new gem. Son of producer Sudhakar Reddy, Nithin made his debut with Jayam at the age of 19. While his sweet smile and innocent looks made us believe he could be the next big chocolate boy, Nithin proved that he could do anything and everything, if given the right chance. Today, as the amazing actor turns 37, we take a look at how he has left behind his boyish smile to become a hot property of the TFI.

Soon after Jayam, Nithin went on to do films like Sambaram and Sri Anjaneyam which portrayed him in a similar light. Bright colours, well-combed hair and boyish attires restricted him from becoming a massy hero.

2. The young adult


In the next phase, Nithin did everything that a Telugu hero was meant to do. He showcased his carved six-pack abs, with gelled hairstyles and also experimented with cloths. Denim, ripped pants, leather jackets, bandanas, funky shoes or you name it.

Films like Sye, Raam, Takkari, Drona showed the new side of him. Although Nithin started to make a name for himself, people did not appreciate his films.

3. The macho man


In a few years, Nithin had entirely surprised people. Standing almost six feet tall, Nithin was now the one actor every girl *looked up to*. With a good height, comes great responsibility. But our hero played to his strengths and did everything that could keep him relevant. Unlike we had been seen him for years, Nithin was now synonymous with style.

Stuble and beard became his mark and he tried a hand at plenty of styles. This time around, the actor looks a lot more polished and in control with his fashion outings.

4. The handsome man next door


Let’s inch closer to our current times! Films like Ishq, Chal Mohan Ranga, LIE, A Aaa, and others reinforced the powerhouse that he had always been. While his selection of scripts became better, Nithin’s performance also got much, much better. Topping up the creamy layer of his career was, of course, the impeccable style.

We strongly believe that things shot up to the stars in Nithin’s favour, because he looked more and more like one of us. Truly, it was his simplicity that really took him places.

5. Mister classy


Finally, coming to recent times. As we talk about it, Nithin cuts the 37th birthday cake. Recently, we saw him in the film Bheeshma co-starring Rashmika Mandanna. It seems this is the best that Nithin has ever been. As they say, men are like wine – older the better. Nithin, too, has become as classy as seasoned wine. Crisp formals and polo outfits, we’re all game for it.

What do you think about his amazing style evolution? Waiting to see what he dons next, we wish the stylish man a happy birthday. You can watch his film, LIE on ZEE5. And read more style stories here.

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