Birthday Special: A Look At Prabhas’ 17 Years Of Stardom

Sneha Bale

October 23, 2019


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The Outrageous Youngster

Today, Prabhas is not just a Telugu film hero, but an actor who reigns the hearts of millions. With his recent ventures, he has made an impression on cine goers across the nation. But 17 years ago, when he first started out, things were a lot different. Since 2002, Prabhas has had a long journey that has prepared him for this superstardom.

The handsome hero made his debut in 2002 with Eeswar. His next few films, Raghavendra, Advi Ramudu, and Varsham, were all hits. His initial films portrayed him as the youth who could not stand any wrongdoings around him. While his love stories or societal evils were the basis for the plot, he was clearly the man of the movie. They brought a new face forward in the Telugu film industry, who could stand out in the crowd. Of course, his height was a bonus too. *wink*

The Innocent Lover Boy

We must make a special mention about Prabhas’ 2005 film, Chakram. In this movie, he played the titular character who brought forward the idea of celebrating death as we celebrate life. It was after this slice-of-life drama that the actor reinforced himself as the new-age romantic hero. With films like Chatrapathi, Pournami, Yogi, Munna and Bujjigadu, Prabhas ventured into more massy and masala cinema. Not only that, he became every momma’s boy with these films since they had a separate and strong plot between the protagonist and his mother.

The Stylish Makeover

It took almost a decade for Prabhas to be associated with the latest and most sleek fashion trends. But better late than never. While his romantic-actioners continued to thrive at the box-office, Prabhas went ahead and made new fashion statements. From t-shirts on shirts to baggy pants and ganjis, this boy rocked them all.

Larger-Than-Life Hero

It’s time to meet the Prabhas that the world knows today! With the Baahubali franchise, this actor became a household name. His perfectly carved abs, raspy voice and magnanimous personality made women swoon over him and children fall in love with him while the men couldn’t stop raving about his larger-than-life action sequences and muscular built. This Prabhas wasn’t built in a day. It took 17 years of carefully crafting each step and standing tall until he needed no introduction, across borders.

We wish Prabhas many more massive hits and a solid career on his 40th birthday! You, my friend, can check out his films on ZEE5 and have a good time.

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