Birthday Special: 6 Things That Make Pawan Kalyan A Power Star And A People’s Star

Sneha Bale

September 2, 2019


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1. An actor and a star

On August 31, 2019, Power Star Pawan Kalyan celebrates his 48th birthday. He has a career that spans over two decades. It did not take this youngest Konidela boy to match up to the heights of his elder brother, Chiranjeevi. Soon, he made a name and mark for himself. All these years and stars later, Pawan Kalyana remains an icon in the Telugu film industry.

Pawan Kalyan, or PK as he is known these days, is an actor and a star. Coming from Chiranjeevi’s family was a huge weight to carry. But he made sure he was known for himself and continues to remain an individual people look up to. Of course, people would buy tickets just to see him but he can surely deliver a performance that is enough for all views, fan or not.

2. A performer who can go to all extremes

In his 23 years of filmography, PK has almost 26 films to his credit. It’s not surprising that he has always been the leading man. You possibly cannot see him otherwise. In these 26 films, he has been a romantic lover boy, a charming college student, a massy Gunda, a good cop and a bad cop. Although a star, Pawan Kalyan can get into the skin of any character with the same conviction.

3. Mass appeal

From teenage girls to uncles and from young rebels to housewives, Pawan Kalyan and his films appeal to everyone. No matter what your preferences are, he has something in store for you each time.

4. A style icon

Of course, there are newer actors and stars who are bringing in new styles and levelling up the style game in the industry. But you mustn’t forget that it was PK who dared to be different each time and made it look stylish. Sweatshirts, baggy pants, hoodies, and the list goes on.

5. For the people

His social work and his encouragement to fans and followers to help the society are not unheard of. A few years ago, Pawan Kalyan took a step back from his filmy career and stepped into the political arena. With this step, he took a plunge to serve the people who have given him everything.

6. Endless charm

At 28 or 48, Pawan Kalyan has a charm that one cannot resist. Call it ageing gracefully or the Konidela genes, the more you know him, the more you fall for him.

And if this does make him Power Star and People’s Star, we don’t know what does! Let us know what’s your favourite thing about PK in the comments below. Check out his films on ZEE5.

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