Birthday Special: 6 Things About Genelia Deshmukh That Make Watching Her On Screen A Joy

Sneha Bale

August 5, 2019


1 min

1. The Innocence That Never Goes Away


Through the 2000s, Genelia D’Souza (now Deshmukh) was the one who every girl looked up to and every boy had a crush on. In Tollywood, Genelia worked with the biggest names in the industry and often dazzled over them. She even made her mark in many other South Indian film industries along with Bollywood and Marathi cinema. We still watch each of her films with the same enthusiasm as we had when we watched them for the first time. But do we miss seeing her on the big screen? Sure as hell! That’s why on her 31st birthday, on August 5, we list a few reasons why she has been the phenomenon that she is.

First, innocence! You cannot not talk about Genelia’s innocence on screen. It’s this very trait that made millions of us fall for her, time and time again.



2. The Girl With Grace


Unlike most others, Genelia embraced the challenges that came her way and chose the path that was right for her. The way she walks, talks or deals with people and situations — she does them all with a certain grace that makes her so special.

3. The Unending Excitement


When we lose all hope and come back home tired and drained, watching one film of Genelia’s can turn our moods around. From Mr Medhavi to Raam and the others, her excitement for life is infectious.

4. The Expressions


It is often said that celebrities worry about their looks a lot. But we’re sure Genelia isn’t a part of that list. Because her acting felt so natural and real that she left no room for such thoughts. And it’s this very realness that made us feel like she was one of us. We cried with her and we laughed with her.

5. The Stylish Star


During her days on-screen, Genelia went ahead and embraced curls and even tried her hand at many ‘unconventional’ looks. The best part, however, remains how effortlessly she looked good in them all. Bright Western tops with Indian jewellery to short skirts and pigtails, Genelia rocked them all.

6. The Childlike Magic


The key to staying healthy and happy in your adult years is to keep the child within you alive. Most of us may have failed, but Genelia has kept the childlike magic in her alive and how!

We’re going to binge-watch Genelia’s movies and reminisce the good ol’ days. What’s your plan?

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