Birthday Special: 6 Scenes Ft. Varun Sandesh In Kotha Bangaru Lokam That Warm Our Hearts

Sneha Bale

July 21, 2019


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1. The carefree hero

On July 21, 2019, a Telugu actor and a heartthrob turns 30 years old. One of his many hits, Kotha Bangaru Lokam remains to date a Telugu movie that is always close to our hearts. We haven’t seen him on the 70 mm screen in a long time, but here’s hoping that we see him soon. As we wait for another film, let’s take a look at six best scenes from his sophomore film that made him ‘lover boy’ of Telugu film industry.

This film introduces us to him as the young and rebellious boy who drives proudly in the wrong way. When one of his family friends asks him to drive properly, he responds saying: “The road is my father’s on his number plate.” Young, carefree, and crazy – that’s a combination we all fell for.

2. Son's one true hero - father

When his father gifts him a watch before the exams and the results, the young boy shows us all the love and affection he has for his father in one smile. If that doesn’t melt your heart, we’re really not sure what will.

3. The secret charmer

Varun had his ways of making girls fall for him in ways unstoppable — be it on-screen or off it. You can’t resist his charm. And the way he smiles after rolling his shirt’s collar, is what the hype was all about.

4. The go-getter

In another scene with Rao Ramesh, Varun displays his focus and confidence. At the cost of sounding over-confident and under-prepared, Varun made us root for him no matter what lies ahead.

5. The cutesy lover boy

The whole deal of confirming whether it was love or attraction was simplified with one idea – noting down the number of times you remember the person. The teenage excitement and genuineness was too real on his face for us to not think about it again and again.

6. Mumma's boy

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ mumma’s boy? Varun has been this in most of his films. And we, truly, enjoy every bit of it. This boy, now a man, here knows how to spark the chemistry with each character around him. How could you resist rooting for him?

With wishing to see him on the screen soon, we also wish the best of birthday to Varun Sandesh.

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