Birthday Special: 6 Reasons Why Sonu Sood Is The Star Hero You Didn’t Recognise

Sneha Bale

July 30, 2019


1 min

1. Good Looks! Good Looks! Good Looks!


The man whose magic is spread over multiple industries pan-India, Sonu Sood celebrates his 46th birthday on July 30. More often than not, he has given performances that make you feel a certain way. Yet, we think this man needs to get his due credit. Let’s take a look at why Sonu Sood is the star hero of our ‘filmy’ film industry.

Good looks! For aeons, we have considered good looks to be an important criteria for the actors. And try all you want, but you cannot deny that Sonu Sood is handsome as handsome can be.

2. Spectrum Full Of Variety


From romantic-dramas like Mr Medhavi to comedies like Kandireega, this actor has proved that he can play a villain, a comedian and everything given to him with the same conviction and ease.

3. All Caught Up With The Trends


Be it the recent beard obsession or the never-ending craze for six-pack abs, Sonu knows well to rock it and how! Name the mood and he’s got a look for that. Sexy to crazy, the actor is a complete package.

4. Making You Feel The Emotions


We, as an audience, see the good in the protagonist and ignore the bad. The opposite goes for an antagonist, we see the bad and ignore the good. Sonu, popularly known to be the angry young man, makes you like him in each character. Despite being all bad, the little gestures and hints of goodness make you like him.

5. A Common Favourite


Not that we ran a survey, but many little birdies have mentioned that seeing Sonu Sood as the bad man in a film, is a different fun altogether. Don’t you agree?

6. The Unexplored


We have mostly seen him as the villain and the comedian. If he can play tough roles with such ease, we can only imagine what will happen when he turns into a protagonist, with cliches and cuteness? Our imagination sure looks great. Let’s hope we see it in reality, too.

Here’s wishing the talented and handsome Sonu Sood, a very happy birthday!

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