Birthday Special: 5 Types Of Films We Want Bellamkonda Sreenivas To Be A Part Of

Sneha Bale

January 3, 2020


1 min

1. Espionage

It’s Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas’s birthday! The tall, smart and handsome lad turns 27, and wiser. As of now, we do not know of his plans, but we’re sure he’ll be at the gym sweating it out or on a film set, giving his best shot. The young man is known for his impressive work ethic, and his skill… we all have witnessed it! Recently, the actor completed half a decade in the showbusiness and shared gratitude for all that he has and excitement for all that’s on his way. While the future does look exciting for the birthday boy, here are five types of films that we would love to see him in.

Spy drama! We would love to see Sreenivas in a spy drama, as the spy himself. He looks the part and we know he’ll play the part to perfection. He can be secretive, sly, and entirely intimating. Maybe Tollywood’s Sherlock, if you will!

2. Gangster Drama

In the few films that the actor has been a part of, there has always been an outside threat. And these threats are mostly from the local gangsters. But for once, we want to see him be the gangster. We want to see him as a power-thirsty gangster with dark, grim eyes, and a gang of henchmen.

3. Dance Film

He’s got the moves like Jagger! All thanks to our commercial cinema, we have seen Sreenivas shake a leg in many songs. But how about a film, featuring him, about dance? From Kamal Haasan’s Sagara Sangamam to Raghava Lawrence’s Style, its been long since we saw something new. Maybe Sreenivas can give us that.

4. Comedy Film

We have no doubts that Mr. Bellamkonda will own the stage when he does comedy. We’ve seen little glimpses of his comic timings, previously, and now we want more of it. Filmmakers, are you listening?

5. Mass Entertainer

Let’s put it out there! Nothing can make our day better than a perfect mass entertainer. We need comedy, action, romance, songs, dance and a whole lot of drama! The actor, who is happy experimenting to bring in better films, will be the perfect man for a mass entertainer.

Wishing Sreenivas a happy birthday, we hope our wishes do come true. You can check out his film, Saakshyam, on ZEE5.

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