Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Why Jayasudha Will Always Be Our Favourite On-Screen Mother

Sneha Bale

December 17, 2019


1 min

Motherly and friendly

Veteran actor Jayasudha turns 61 on December 17. She started her career at the tender age of 12 and since then has never looked back. Having made a name for herself across the South Indian film industry, Jayasudha has been a part of over 150 films in Telugu alone. From the glamorous heroine to a shady prostitute, her choice of movies and characters have always been ahead of time. 

Her hard work shaped her to be the most effortless actor of her times and she went on to win seven state-honour Nandi Awards. She aged gracefully and continues to inspire people across generations. From the hundreds of roles that she has played, seeing her as a mother is what we enjoy the most and here’s why she makes the best on-screen mother. 

From Bommarillu to Parugu to Kotha Bangaru Lokam, and the list goes on and on, she has been the mother that we would want to have in our lives and also want to be for our kids. She fulfills all her duties as a mom and also leaves more than enough room to turn the maternal relationship into a friendly one.

The best friend we didn’t know we needed

All along, we thought parents and friends can never be the same. But then comes Jayasudha in the frame to tell us how wrong we are. Knowing what her kids want to what they wouldn’t otherwise share, each time, this lady found her way into the lives of her children. Not only that but she also stands up for her kids in ways that you wouldn’t expect, and at times, when you cannot think of. (Cue: Bommarillu climax scene)

Talented wing-woman

In Amma Nanna Tamil Amaayi, she helped her son win the girl and in Sivamani, she convinces the girl about her son’s good character. In Bommarillu, she helps her son marry the girl he loves and in Kotha Bangaru Lokam, she takes care of her son’s girlfriend while he goes away to study. Need we say more? She has to be the only mother who turned wing-woman for her sons. And honestly, she did a pretty great job every time.

Gets the lingo, gets the emotion

Knowing what her kids want is one thing. But to understand and respond in their lingo is the coolest thing that this mother does. Brace yourself if you sense a game of comebacks coming your way. Sometimes she makes us want to rephrase the popular belief, “If you are bad, I am your dad”. Because no matter how badass you are, this mother is badass enough to leave you behind in your own race! 

Gives the kind of reality check that’s needed

When our parents find out something we tried to hide, we know all hell has broken loose upon us. But when your mother is Jayasudha, she will probably ‘hangout and chill’ with you while also dropping truth bombs and giving you reality checks in ways that will surprise you. If being a mother is a superhero task, she is the captain of the clan. 

Wishing this super-shero the happiest birthday, we sign out. You can check out her film, Shatamanam Bhavati on ZEE5.

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