Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Naga Chaitanya Is An Actor Who Will Be Close To Our Hearts

Sneha Bale

November 23, 2019


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Boyish charm to benevolent manhood


On November 23, actor Naga Chaitanya turns 32. The son of acclaimed actor Nagarjuna and the grandson of legendary actor-producer Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, this young boy has been taking the legacy forward since 2009. While carrying the weight of such legacy was tough, this boy persisted until he truly made it big, a decade later. Yet, he continues to take a humble, honest and heartfelt step towards progress.

On the occasion of his birthday, we list five of the millions reasons that one could think of – that gives him a special place in our hearts. Right from a rebellious college-goer in Josh to an emotionally blocked, complicated man, Chaitanya has proved that you could master anything, only if you truly worked hard. No surnames and no blockbusters could do the magic that your consistence can do.

Graceful failures and humble success


Chay, as he is fondly called, has delivered twenty films in a decade-long career. As one would have expected, his family background did not prove to be a reason for his box-office collection. It is safe to say that the boy has tasted failure and harsh criticism early on. Although success came to him, it was soon met with more failure. Through it all, Chay smiled politely and accepted whatever came his way – with a promise to be better.

The boy next door


Until the age of 18, Chay was away from the filmy world and its jazz, in Chennai with his mother Lakshmi Dagubatti. Probably that’s the reason, there is no air or aura of being an exceptionally popular personality around him. His demeanour, his values and his aura are welcoming and as simple as a boy next door.

The go-to fella


Time and time again, people close to Naga Chaitanya have taken a moment to appreciate him. A powerhouse of patience and worldly wisdom, he helps his closest friends, his cousins like Rana and Ram Charan. His lovely wife, Samantha, takes every single opportunity on social media and otherwise to tell the world about the gem that he is. Even his father, known as the celluloid scientist, goes to his elder son to seek advice at times. If perfect had a face, we believe it would look like Chay!

This is what dreams are made of


Every girl has a list of qualities to check off in her man. To put it simply, Naga Chaitanya is that man, the kind that we dream of. He is tall, fair and handsome. But his ambitious nature and polite attitude top it all. Even when playing grim characters, Chay adds a certain softness and vulnerability to them. Basically, on-screen or off-screen, there is very little scope for anyone to resist themselves from falling for him.

Wishing this superstar more successes than ever before, we sign out! Be sure to find his films or check out the latest show, Hawala on ZEE5.

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