Birthday Special: 39! Really? Because Sudheer Babu Doesn’t Seem To Have Aged One Bit

Sneha Bale

May 11, 2019


3 min

Sudheer Babu has had a successful (almost) decade long career in Tollywood. During this time, he has played the bad boy, the good boy, the macho man and the goofy guy. And as he grows old, he gets all the more handsome. It seems like the process of ageing has skipped him somehow. Or maybe he is proving it to us that age is, in fact, only a number.

It may sound strange, but it sure is true. Sudheer even served us with this weird fact about himself on Instagram during the #10YearChallenge. Check this out:

We found ourselves deep into Sudheer’s Instagram profile, hunting for pictures that would have considered time and age a factor. This picture from 2015, looks as good as the recent ones.

This working still is from one of his many films and marks half a decade in his career. And still, he looks the same.Β Don’t you agree?

Six months later, Sudheer decided to indulge in a random and candid photoshoot. Our best guess is, he did not prep to look his constant age. And yet he does not look any older.

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#Candid one from #Shamantakamani photoshoot

A post shared by Sudheer Babu (@isudheerbabu) on

Make sure you swipe left through this album on Sudheer’s Instagram profile. You can also play ‘spot the difference’ with his older and newer pictures. Let us know if you find anything.

Here, Sudheer looks like a handsome 25-year-old with the perfect physique. But he’s actually 37. We’re totally buying that he doesn’t age.

Even while acting next to the 23-year old Nabha Natesh in Nannu Dochukundavate, Sudheer matched with her vibe and spirit. Although his character was that of a nerdy workaholic, he looked as cool as a college student.

We should probably binge watch from Ye Maya Chesava to Baaghi on ZEE5, just to be sure that this man cannot age.

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