Binge-Watch Classic Love Stories Like Janumada Jodi And Love Lavike This Weekend

Parinika Uchil

November 16, 2019

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Janumada Jodi

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A classic love story that carries forward from one generation to the next. Starring in the lead are Vijay Simha and Nehal Patil in the roles of Sanju/Siddharth and Vasundhara respectively. While one searches for clues to connect her to her past life, the other constantly dreams about the woman of his dreams. Any guesses who she is?

Love Lavike

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Afraid of his father’s opinions and temperament, an obedient son falls in love with a woman (played by Anupama Bhat) who is an extrovert. How would Lakshman (Charith Balappa) prove his love for her and convince his father to accept a not-so-typical daughter-in-law? Don’t miss this show, it only gets interesting as the story advances.

Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu

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For many of us, handling one mother-in-law can possibly become a pain over time. But what will Janavi do when a shocking truth sends her an emotional blow. Thanks to her decision to marry Srinidhi, she now has to face a bucket load of mother-in-laws’!

Jothe Jotheyalli

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The concept of a one-sided love is more often than not the case with many of us. Some of us pursue our love until success, while others only make efforts to conquer their quest. Abhay and Shalini’s story relates to this concept. Find out if Abhay is actually successful in winning Shalini’s heart by the end of the show.

Mr And Mrs Rangegowda

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While the list of difficulties in winning the heart of your love increases, here is an illiterate man who assumes that he can win the heart of a well-educated girl. But the question is, does she want a life partner who cannot read and write?

Remember, you can evade love, but it will always find a way to you. Patience and happiness are key! Watch these shows this weekend and let us know which one was your favourite.

Did we miss out on any shows? We would like to know from you in the space given below.

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