Bill From Mapla Singam Is Someone We Need In Our Society

July 16, 2019


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Mapla Singam is not just any romantic comedy, but it is one with several social messages. While these messages are given out by the central characters, Anbuchelvan, played by Vemal and Sailaja, portrayed by Anjali, to a great extent, who also pitches in to do this job is Bill, the British photographer. The part of Bill is played by Adam Greig who is basically a pianist by profession.

Check out the social issues that Bill highlights in the movie Mapla Singam.

The character of Bill is created in a manner that he is usually there in a scene which has a tone of social injustice. And while Anbu and his friends’ side with these unjust acts, Bill rises above them and questions the relevance of the asocial practices. Like Bill is, in fact, the moral compass of the movie who puts in the element of doubt in the blind practices.

Bill in Mapla Singam
A still from Mapla Singam

So, it is Bill who questions the foolish notions of the villagers, when they show displeasure at the concept of falling in love and about the inter-caste marriage. He not only questions the logic behind the age-old beliefs of caste and restrictions but also raises his voice against the notion that women should not work after their education.

Thus, we see him getting into an argument with Anbu when he asks his sister not to go for a job interview. In the subsequent sequence, he also narrates about the importance of having a job. Also, we see him expressing his concern about the terms and nature of the marriage which happen in Anbu’s house. He, in fact, draws out examples and instances from the typical village beliefs and shows them how hollow and ironical their beliefs are.

Adam Greig as Bill
A still from Mapla Singam

For instance, when Anbu and Soori say that it is not customary to take the opinion of a woman into consideration when it comes to her marriage. He draws a comparison between the status of a woman and a sacrificial animal in the village. As he rightly points out that Anub’s village follows the ironical practice, of taking the consent from an animal before sacrificed but not from a woman before she is married. Although this is a sad state of comparison, it is the truth when it comes to such matters. Thus, Bill is the voice of reason and morality in the village which seems to have very less regard for both these factors.

So, do not miss out on the social awareness lesson that Bill lends to the movie Mapla Singam and do catch up with this movie on ZEE5. In the meantime, do not forget to share your thoughts with us, in the section given below.

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