BIG REVEAL: Swapnadip Gives Rohini’s Name To The Police In Nakshi Kantha

Will Rohini Choudhury be taken into custody next?

Promita Mukherjee

December 24, 2019


3 min


The pressure is now on Swapnadip and Rohini in the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha. After Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) and Debdeep went to the police station and put pressure on the investigating officer, things have started moving. The police actually went to Jash’s (played by Suman Dey) house and questioned Rohini. Jash tried his best to defend his new wife, but his aunt and his grandmother gave the police ample hints that not everything is right about Rohini. Not just that, Jash’s aunt also told the investigating officer that she is open to questioning and will answer all the questions they have, but only if they ask.

Jash in a scene from Nakshi Kantha (Source: ZEE5)

A furious Jash and Rohini barged into Shabnam’s chamber in the hospital and Jash accused Shabnam of spoiling his married life with Rohini. However, we are happy to see that Shabnam isn’t taking it any more. She has learnt to give it back to Jash. When Jash tells Shabnam that it will be difficult for her to work in the hospital, she retaliates. She tells him directly that if Jash threatens her, she will be forced to give his name to the police.

But the best is yet to come. In today’s episode, we see Swapnadip give in to pressure from the police and has actually named Rohini! Does it mean Rohini is all set to be exposed in front of Jash? Watch the episode below, before TV.

In the episode, we see that Swapnadip has been called to the police station. When the police ask him who Shyamal Das is, who Swapnadip has called several times during the time of Shabnam’s accident, he keeps pretending that he is a patient. The officer tells him that he is aware that he has tried to kill Shabnam before. Swapnadip pleads with him to not take him into custody. But the police put him inside the lock-up. But before that, he says that it is Rohini who is using him as a shield. He says that everything is planned by Rohini and there is nothing that she cannot do.

What will happen now? Will Rohini Choudhury be taken into custody next? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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