Bho Bho Review: A Unique Murder Mystery That Will Appeal Especially To Dog Lovers

Even if you aren’t a dog lover, you will love the Prashant Damle starrer for its simplicity and heartwarming message. Read the review inside!

Rukmini Chopra

May 28, 2019


5 min


If someone is murdered, the usual suspects include a family member or a close friend. But have you ever heard of a dog being accused of killing someone? Well believe it or not, but an adorable pooch becomes the prime suspect of his owner’s murder in Bho Bho starring Prashant Damle and Subodh Bhave. This Bharat Gaikwad directional tells the story of a woman Smita who is found dead and covered in blood, at her apartment. Only her pet Labrador Sandy, is found at the crime scene and the police suspect the dog to be insane and the culprit for his owner’s death.

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After suspecting that Sandy attacked his owner in a fit of rage, the investigation leads lock him up. Things turn murky when its found that Smita’s husband, professor Vinayak Bhandarkar, is assigned to acquire his wife’s insurance sum of nearly Rs. 2 crore. This detail however is being dismissed by officials who believe that Smita’s dog is the murderer. However, there’s one sensible soul who believes in the innocence of the pooch- enter detective Venkatesh Bhode. 

He works at the insurance company that is supposed to hand over the money to Smita’s husband. But having been a skilled investigator in the past,  his expertise make him suspect something fishy. What helps is that Venkatesh is a die hard dog lover and owing to his knowledge, is certain that Sandy isn’t crazy as he’s being made out to be. Then starts Venkatesh’s journey of finding the truth and we are taken on a roller coaster ride of humour, emotions and plot twists. 

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Prashant plays his part perfectly as the obnoxious and outlandish investigator who has zero tact. He asks inappropriate questions-such as details about the suspect’s sex life for example- and doesn’t know where to draw the line. But amidst the quirkiness, we are given a hint of Venkatesh’s kind and caring nature. He dotes on dogs and even goes the extra mile to care for them. The investigator’s layered role is brought alive by Prashant’s impeccable comic timing. He is equally convincing in emotional scenes especially one where he’s trying to convince the doctor of Sandy’s innocence.

Subodh is in command as usual as a no-nonsense professor who is very much irked by Venkatesh’s strange investigative methods. The actor is supported strongly by Saurabh Gokhale, who plays his brother and is the perfect example of a ‘angry young man.’  Saurabh has a limited role and yet makes a lasting impression.

What makes Bho Bho stand out is its unique plot. There’s only so many murder mysteries in the world where a dog is the culprit, right? And this film especially will appeal to all dog lovers. You will be given shot of the gorgeous Labrador Sandy every now and then. And let’s admit it, he’s the true star of the film! 

Bho Bho also gets brownie points for spreading awareness about dog behaviour and highlighting that dogs always react to an action and don’t go randomly biting and attacking people, unless they have a reason to. As a huge dog lover myself, I salute the film for clarifying this silly myth. I’ll end my review on Bho Bho with my favourite quote dedicated to all dogs, ‘happiness is a warm puppy.’

Watch the film for its gripping story, engaging performances and a heartwarming message. So, who actually murders Smita? Find out!

For more entertainment, watch Prashant Damle’s hilarious comic act on ZEE5 here. 

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