Bhago Mohan Pyare: Will Madhuvanti Get Her Powers Back?

Rukmini Chopra

October 16, 2019


2 min

In the recent episode of Bhago Mohan Pyare, we saw Madhuvanti trying to hurt Godbole. She plants a glass piece on the floor and makes Godbole trip but the latter gets saved by a stranger. The latter makes way to leave but gets stopped by Mohan, who says he recognises the man. He asks the stranger why he’s following him. The man says that he is here to protect Mohan and his loved ones from Madhuvanti. He tells Mohan to be careful all else things will get worse. The man gives Mohan a device that will protect him from all evil, and this gets spotted by Madan.

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Madan intervenes and tells the stranger to stop manipulating Mohan. He gets violent but the man, puts Madan back in his place by retaliating. Later, Madhuvanti meets Mohan and tells him that the stranger is trying to trick him and can’t be trusted. She pretends to care for Mohan and says that she can’t let him get trapped like this. Madhuvanti tells Mohan that if the stranger has given him a device that will protect him, he should throw it away immediately as it’s fake. Mohan says he isn’t going to fall for her tricks and storms off. He goes to Godbole Bai and gives her the device that the stranger had given him for protection. 

Madhuvanti observes all the action in the sly and tries to break the device, but her powers refuse to work. How will she seek the device from Godbole Bai? Will she be able to restore her powers? Stay tuned for all the updates here!

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