Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain: Meet The Real Life Partners Of Saumya, Aasif, Rohitash And Others

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May 15, 2019


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Deepesh Bhan


The star cast of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain has become household names now. The audience loves to follow the show as well as the actors in their personal life. Being one of the popular shows on TV, the lead actors, as well as the supporting actors, enjoy a great fan following. Recently one of the actors, Deepesh Bhan who essays Malkhan in the show got married and his fans were happy to hear the news. 

After receiving multiple requests we decided to share with you the pictures of the star cast with their real-life partners. Starting with the newly married first, Deepesh who got married on 7th May 2019 shared his picture on social media and told his fan about his new journey of life. Deepesh also surprised his wife by singing a beautiful song for her on their wedding day. 


Saumya Tandon


Saumya Tandon plays the role of a strong headed and dominating woman, Anita Bhabi, got married to Saurabh Devendra Singh in December 2016. The actress doesn’t like to mix her personal life with professional. While talking to a leading daily she spoke about Saurabh saying, he is her college friend and it was he who pushed Saumya to perceive acting as her career. The couple was blessed with a Baby boy in January 2019 and she named her son Miraan which means a prince. Currently, the actress is on pregnancy leave and is working hard to get back in shape. While talking to us in an exclusive interview she told us about how she did the interiors of her new house all on her own.

Shubhangi Atrey Poorey


Shubhangi Atrey aka Angoori Bhabi got married to Piyush Poorey in the year 2000. For those who were unaware of this fact, we are sorry but that’s the truth. Getting married at the age of 19, Shubhangi wanted to pursue acting as her career but unlike others, she wasn’t afraid of the challenges because she had Piyush who supported her. She also mentions about Piyush by saying, “He gave wings to her passion.” When she entered the industry, she had a two-year-old daughter Aashi but her family stood by her in her ups and downs and supported her in every decision. At the beginning of 2019, there were rumours about the couple splitting. Shubhangi answered to this saying these are nothing but baseless rumours.

Aasif Sheikh


The best line for this actor is “18 till he dies” given by Saumya Tandon, and we hold no doubt about it. Veteran actor Aasif Sheikh is 54 years old but his looks and health fitness can give a tough competition to a 25-year-old. Portraying the character of Vibhuti Mishra Aka Nulla, he is the most energetic person in the show, as well as in real life. The actor got married to Zeba Sheikh in 1992 and has a son named Alyjah and daughter Maryam. We know how Vibhuti is a romantic husband who secretly loves his neighbour Angoori Bhabi, but in real life, he is a family man and loves to spend time with his family when he is not shooting for the show.

Rohitash Gaud


We are aware of the naughty side of Manmohan who tries to woo his neighbour Anita, but in real life, our dearest Tiwari Bhaiyya is married to Rekha Gaud. Manmohan teaches about new technology to his naive wife Angoori but in real life, Rohitash’s real-life wife helps him with the technology. Rekha Gaud is a Cancer researcher by profession and has an open mindset. The couple is blessed with two daughters Giti and Sanjiti. This proud father is often seen sharing his daughter’s achievements on social media. 

Yogesh Tripathi


Nyochhavar Khor Daroga Happu Singh portrayed by the actor Yogesh Tripathi is touching new heights of success. With the new show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan becoming popular day by day, the actor is overwhelmed by the success of the show. The best part about this actor is that time and again he credits his success to all of them who have helped him and also dedicates it to his lovely wife, Sapna Tripathi. This is an adorable family and Yogesh loves to keep updating fun pictures with his son. Would you like to read more about Yogesh? Read it here.


Vaibhav Mathur


In the show whenever there is a problem in Kanpur, you can expect the trio of Tilu, Tika and Malkhan to be present there already because most of the time they themselves are the problem. Tika played by the actor Vaibhav Mathur has played  is a happily married man in real life and he has even shared a picture of him with his wife, Bhuneshwari.

Which of the couple did you see for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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