Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 15 March 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Angoori Bashes The Ghost

Ashutosh Oak

March 15, 2019


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In the previous episode, we saw Bhoorey Laal try to convince Anoop Upadhyay’s ghost to leave Vibhuti’s body but in return, the ghost attacks Bhoorey Lal. Later Saxena comes up with a plan and tells everyone to act accordingly. Saxena and Doctor then go to Vibhuti’s house and tell the ghost of Anoop Upadhyay that Angoori has agreed to marry him and will come to meet him on Gunnour station.

In today’s episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, we see Tiwari, Vibhuti, Angoori bhabi, Saxenaji and Doctor are on their way to Gunnour station. Tiwari then blames Vibhuti for everything. Vibhuti then says that he doesn’t have any idea about what has happened. Angoori stops both of them and requests to keep quiet. After reaching Gunnour station everyone gets down and Saxena tells Tiwari to tie Vibhuti to a pole. 

Watch the episode below:

Saxenaji then calls the ghost of TT Anoop Upadhyay and the ghost enters Vibhuti’s body. Vibhuti then attacks Tiwari and seeing Tiwari in pain,  Angoori shouts at him and tells the ghost of Anoop Upadhya to leave him. The ghost then threatens all of them that he will not leave anyone as they are now on his station and he can do whatever he wants. Angoori asks him what does he wants from them. TT then tells her that he wants to marry her and Angoori agrees to it. 

She then smartly pronounces his name wrong multiple times and then tells him that if she can’t remember his name then how can she love him. She continues to tell him the definition to love. Listening to Angoori, the TT feels bad about what he did to Angoori and her family. He then leaves Vibhuti’s body.

In the next scene, everyone comes back from the station and everything seems normal. Vibhuti then feels bad about what he did to Tiwari and Angoori and says sorry for the same. Tiwari taunts Vibhuti for this and both start fighting over the same. While this is happening Tika, Tilu and Malkhan come with their tickets and give it to Vibhuti thinking he is TT Anoop Upadhyay and say sorry. Seeing this everyone starts laughing and the episode ends.

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