Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 1 August 2019 Written Update: Tiwari Sleeps In Bed With Anita?

Kenneth Carneiro

August 1, 2019


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In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Anita and Vibhuti plan to makes Angoori back out from geting Chandrabhan Lara’s will. Angoori calls Anita and Vibhuti greedy and refuses to let go of her share. Later Saxena announces that Happu Singh and the doctor are also part of the will. Later, Lara interviews all the contestants and asks them what they will do with the money. Happu Singh gets kicked out for lying and saying he will spend the money on charity. Lara’s next challenge is for the men to do housework while the women get to rate them.

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In tonight’s episode, Anita tells Vibhuti to perform well in the task. He has to impress Angoori with his cooking. Vibhuti is sure that Angoori will rate him well, but Anita feels Angoori will be partial to Tiwari. Angoori is worried that Vibhuti will perform well and defeat him in the competition. Tiwari asks her to give Vibhuti zero too.

Tika, Tilu and Malkhan are also preparing to do all the house work the next day. Prem shows up to drink with them. But the doctor says that they should not sit with Prem because he is too low class for them. On the day of the competition Angoori has to judge Vibhuti while Anita will judge Tiwari. Saxena judges the other constestants.

When Tiwari and Vibhuti are done with their cooking, their wives show up to judge the food. Anita decides to give Tiwari a zero. When Angoori hears this she decides to give Vibhuti a zero too. In the end Anita and Angoori both decide to give each other’s husbands full 10 marks.

Still from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain with Angoori
Angoori refuses to give Vibhtu any marks till Anita give Tiwari good marks.

Saxena gives the rest of the contestants 8 marks after they slap him twice. He then announces that all the contestants need to sleep in the same bed for one night. When Tiwari and Vibhuti sleep in the same bed with Anita and Angoori, they dream about romancing them.

However, Vibhuti ends up kissing Tika in bed thinking he is Angoori. Tiwari sucks Tika’s finger thinking he is Anita. Saxena wakes up Angoori and Anita to show them what their husbands are doing and they are both upset. What will be the next challenge to get Lara’s money? Stay tuned to find out.

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