Best Of 2019: 9 ZEE5 Original Actors Who Stunned The OTT World With Their Acting Prowess

Sneha Bale

December 30, 2019


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1. Karthik Rathnam as Ravi Reddy in Gods Of Dharmapuri

In the last few years, the digital space has emerged as the newest and a strong force of delivering content. While the West is booming for quite some time, 2019 has been fruitful for Indian regional content. We have seen stories from small villages and big cities, coming from the Telugu-speaking states. These stories are fresher, enriching and more wholesome. Of course, we do have a special connection with these shows. And that is why, we believe, it is important to applaud these wonderful, homegrown actors.

It’s hard to believe that it’s just his sophomore project. Karthik Rathnam has the innocence of a young boy, but he can also bundle up the rage of a maniac. In G.O.D, he showcased all that the character needed, and a lot more. We’re waiting to see what this 22-year-old has to offer, in his next film.

2. Satyadev Kancharana as Venu Reddy in Gods Of Dharmapuri

We’re really no one to be talking about the ace actor, Satyadev Kancharana. In his almost-decade long career, he has portrayed characters of all shades and types. We have seen him a villain, a villain’s sidekick, a hero, a hero’s friend and everything in between. In G.O.D, it did not come as a surprise to us when he had us rooting for him through thick and thin, and through good and bad.

3. Anish Kuruvilla as Mr Rao in Gods of Dharmapuri

We like to call this person a pleasant surprise. The director, Anish Kuruvilla plays the role of Mr Rao, shows us why he is ‘the GOD’ of and in the show. Subtly and composure take over his personality. But the actor never misses a beat on being brashy, like the character needs to be. You end up being scared of his demeanour, although, it is highly impressive.

4. John Kottoly as Ranga Rao in Gods of Dharmapuri

Yet another seasoned actor in G.O.D is John Kottolly, who plays the role of a conniving leftist leader named Ranga Rao. He convinces you, along with the characters, that he wants the best for people. His realistic acting and convincing performance really allow you to buy into the story.

5. Jagadesh Prathap Bhandari as Chalapathi in Gods Of Dharmapuri

Senior actor Jagadesh Prathap Bhandari plays the role of Chalapathi, who is Pratap’s honest and loyal companion. In one scene, he breaks down into tears when one of the important characters dies. The way he cries out aloud is so strong that it will move the strongest heart to tears.

6. Rahul Ravindran as Rahul in Dhrusti

Directed by Ram Abbaraju, Dhrusti is a crime-thriller, which keeps you laughing surprisingly. It is led by the beautiful actor-director, Rahul Ravindran. In the film, he plays a bored and dimwit photographer, who believes he is the next Sherlock. Here, he isn’t trying to ‘act’, he just is present in front of the camera, and it’s all effortless magic.

7. Vennela Kishore as Adivi Sesh in Dhrusti

Take a bow, Vennela Kishore! Comedy comes as easy to this man as oxygen comes to us while breathing. In the film, he adopts his best friend’s name because he feels the character is more like him. As Adivi Sesh, Kishore does things that we would never expect the multi-faceted actor to do. Irrespective of the name, you know you will be laughing, every time Kishore graces the screen.

8. Snehal Kamat as Shailaja in Kailasapuram

Now, let’s talk about the youngest of the lot. Snehal Kamat is a young actor, merely 20 years old, who played the role of Shailaja in Kailasapuram. Despite the language barrier, the actor delivers a complex and controversial character with ease and, more importantly, with grace.

9. Amala Akkineni as Swathi Reddy in High Priestess

Amala Akkineni made her comeback and her digital debut with High Priestess, earlier this year. While tarot cards, past-life regression, and other things carry negative connotations, here we see the other side of the picture. And we must say, there’s a gripping tale beyond these mere elements that we tend to highlight.

What do you think about our top performers? Which character do you like the most? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Until next time, and in the next year, stay tuned to this space. Get your year-end entertainment right here on ZEE5.

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