Best of 2019: 6 Small-Screen Jodis Who Gave Us Major #CoupleGoals

Sneha Bale

December 30, 2019


1 min

1. Dharani and Aditya of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu

2019 brought many new things to many new people. Did it bring love for you? We hope it did. Sometimes, love doesn’t really have to be in the form of a romantic relationship. Self-love, familial love, and great friendships are also equally great. While we cannot speak for everyone, we are thankful that our favourite telly couples found ‘the one’ and fell in love, deep and at once. Cheers to these cute, adorable and imperfectly perfect couples.

We’re going to have issues if you do not find Dharani and Aditya cute! Because this newbie couple has broken the roof with their cuteness. Their love story is super-duper romantic, with subtle gestures of love replete with old-school charm.

2. Mrudula and Madhu of Ninne Pelladatha

Next in line are Mrudula and Madhu. It’s hard to put their love story in words. Because it is filled with too many ups and downs, almost on a daily basis. Yet, they find moments of pure love and happiness. It is because of them that we believe, love is about all those little moments and staying together through thick and thin.

3. Mansi and Gaurav of Ninne Pelladatha

Off-beat and unconventional! Gaurav and Mansi had to be on the list. Their marriage started off as a forceful act of putting burning issues to rest. But eventually, they found a way to each other’s heart. From bringing food for the other person, to playfully teasing, Gaurav and Mansi are living the teenage love story that we wish we had.

4. Manga and Jai of Kalyana Vaibhogam

The more we talk about Manga and Jai, the more we end up falling for them. This couple stands out because their love story is filled with more sass and drama than cuteness. And, every once in a while, we dig that! Who wouldn’t?

5. Nithya and Rana

Yes! This one might come as a surprise, but we really think Nithya and Rana would make a great pair. They are both overtly ambitious, obsessed with victory and cannot bear anything that’s not perfect. More importantly, Rana does know how to manipulate Nithya and also help her when she needs him. Let’s not forget, he also has feelings for Nithya. Here’s hoping for #Nina in 2020.

6. Ex-Mansi and Madhu a.k.a Anusha and Prathap

Hold on! Yes, this is a real-life couple. But they’re so adorable together that we had to talk about them. In our defence, actor Anusha Hegde and Prathap were (almost) on-screen couple in Ninne Pelladatha. Soon, they’ll tie the knot and we’re waiting with our eyes wide open to witness that moment.

Which couple has a soft spot in your heart? Do share your favourite moments of them with us, in the comment section below. Until next time, and in the next year, stay tuned to this space. Get your year-end entertainment right here on ZEE5.

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