7 Movies That Are A Must-Watch This Valentine’s Day


February 2, 2020


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1. Beautiful Manasugalu (2017)

Source: ZEE5

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is the time to celebrate love. Well, for all you movie buffs, here are 7 romantic movies that will get your hearts racing. Celebrate Valentine’s Week 2020 of love with all your favourite romantic heroes.

Starring Sruthi Hariharan and Sathish Ninasam, Beautiful Manasugalu is a love story between Prashanth and Nandini. Life takes a turn for Nandini, when her beauty parlour is raided by the police, as she is suspected of running a sex trade under her turf. Based on true events, the story is about love, struggle and trust.

2. Prema Baraha (2018)

Source: ZEE5

Prema Baraha is a romantic drama starring Chandhan Aishwarya Arjun and Arjun Sarja. Sanjay and Madhu are two journalists, who don’t get along too well. They’re always fighting, only to realise, that they have been brought together for a common cause, which is them covering the Kargil War. An unexpected turn of events result in the two to falling in love but it doesn’t end there. What happens next? Watch the film here.

3. Mugulu Nage (2017)

Source: ZEE5

When was the last time you cried? Well, Ganesh, who plays Pulkesh in the movie, hasn’t cried since birth. Starring Apoorva Arora, Nikita Narayan and Ashika Ranganath, the story takes an interesting turn when Pulkesh falls in love but experiences heartbreak and how. Is he an emotional wreck? Find out by watching the film here.

4. Orata I Love U (2007)

Source: ZEE5

Orata I Love U features Prashant, Soumya, and Sathyajith as Vardha, Kavya and Santosh, and tells the story of their endless love triangle. The same ends, when Vardha falls in love with Kavya, who is in love with Santosh, which is later revealed as a fraud. Watch this intriguing movie here to see what happens next.

5. Shubham (2006)

Source: ZEE5

Are you the type to romanticise heartbreaks? Because this is just the kind of movie you should watch. This is an enthralling story of Venky, who falls for Priya, and struggles to win the support of her brothers, who don’t approve of him. Things take a complete turn when Venky loses his mental stability and Preethi falls in love with him, around the same time. This story truly breaks hearts. Watch the film here.

6. Mari Tiger (2018)

Source: ZEE5

Mari Tiger is a slice-of-life movie, revolving around Tiger, an orphan, played by Vinod Prabhakar. He is carefree and does not worry about life. He meets a girl Ganga, played by Neethu Shetty, which changes everything for him. Watch the film here.

7. Rajani (2009)

Source: ZEE5

Starring the very dashing Upendra, along with Arathi Chabria and Rangayana, the story revolves around Rajani, who is a software engineer and is currently unemployed. He falls in love with Sandhya, who has a low opinion of him, as she thinks he is a rowdy. However, she discovers the truth about him and develops feelings for him. Watch the film here.

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