Bamfaad On ZEE5: Here’s How You Can Use The Word ‘Bamfaad’ In Your Regular Life

Kenneth Carneiro

April 22, 2020


2 min


Bamfaad the recent release on ZEE5 which went direct to digital, is the debut film of Aditya Rawal with Shalini Pandey of Arjun Reddy as his co-star. The movie’s title ‘Bamfaad’, grabbed people’s attention. The word itself means explosive and it’s mostly used towards the North of India, to define someone or something that is explosive or dangerous.

Watch the trailer for Bamfaad here.

In the trailer you will find Jatin Sarna’s character, Zahid, describing Adiya Rawal (Nasir) as a Bamfaad character. The love story in Bamfaad is as explosive as the name, because Nasir and Neelam explodes and affects the lives of all the people, who don’t want them to be together. Here’s a post sharing some ways you can use Bamfaad in your real-life situations

The first one is a funny play of words it shows how you can make Bamfaad a way to describe your own personality. While we are locked down, we’re all remembering the times we had a blast in the past.

The second meme talks about exactly that, the good old Bamfaad days. If you want to do something Bamfaad at home, watch the movie along with hundreds of other original series other movies and series on ZEE5.

Think you can come up with your own sentence to use Bamfaad in a real-life situations? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the film Mukkabaaz written by Ranjan Chandel, the director of Bamfaad, also on ZEE5.

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