Baapmanus Star Suyash Tilak’s Hidden Talent Is ‘Bang On’

The actor who plays Surya in the Marathi serial shows off his dhol playing skills.

Manjiri Shete

May 13, 2020


2 min


Apart from excelling in their onscreen roles, it is always nice to actors be a part of extracurricular activities. Just like the Bapmanus actor Suyash Tilak, seen in the role of Surya,  is also an accomplished dhol player.

Suyash Tilak maybe busy playing dhol in his real-life, but, onscreen he is busy carrying on his father’s legacy 

The actor won our hearts for his apt portrayal of Surya in the Marathi TV show which is available on ZEE5. While in his character, his emotions are raw and stay with us long after the episode is over. But apart from being a brilliant actor, Suyash plays the dhol excellently and is a part of a dhol group.  His love for this art form is well documented on his Instagram.

In this art form, you must hold a heavy dhol around your waist and play it with limitless enthusiasm. The dhol group, Maval, usually plays during various festivities.

Actors from the Marathi film Industry have shown an interest in playing dhol. In fact, they also have their own group which includes stars like Prasad Oak, Tejaswini Pandit and  Shruti Marathe.

Can anyone get enough of Suyash Tilak’s charm? You can watch more of him on Ka Re Durava streaming free on ZEE5.

Tell us below, your opinion on Suyash’s talent in the comments below.

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