Auto Shankar Trailer: Appani Sarath Will Transport You Back To The Era Of Gowri Shankar

April 22, 2019


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The truth, as they say, is always stranger than fiction. So, is the case with Auto Shankar. The facts of what led him to become Auto Shankar, the unspoken king of the illegal liquor and flesh trade, from the cinema lover Gowri Shankar is much speculated and mostly covered in the mists of rumours. In the period crime thriller series, Auto Shankar, that will soon start streaming on ZEE5, we see Appani Sarath playing the part of Shankar.

Watch the cold-blooded criminal in the series Auto Shankar in the trailer below!

It was in the year 1988 that the city of Chennai and the people across the nation got to know about the full demeanour of Shankar, who till that point was only a part of the urban legends and street whispers. The series is directed by Ranga and produced by Manoj Paramahamsa is sure to transport you to the era of Shankar, with his terror that spread through the streets of Thiruvanmiyur.

Appani Sarath
A still from Auto Shankar

The first look at the trailer of this much-spoken series is out and the chill that it sends down your spine is not something that could be described by using words, for somethings in life needs to be experienced. The trailer opens with an aerial shot of five skeletons dug up by the police, followed by the wide shot of the shimmering ocean, which then shifts to a burning dead body and then to the close-up shot of Shankar’s legs that stride confidently with each movement it makes while he is walking through the corridor of the jail. From this point, the pace of the trailer picks up and we see multiple scenes that narrate the story of Shankar.

Appani Sarath as Auto Shankar
A still from Auto Shankar

We get to see the brutal force that Shankar uses to claim his domain over the various illicit activities. Also, topped by energy with which he enjoys these vices. The scene where he is seen stabbing a woman multiple times is horrifying but there is a slight sense of desperation that comes out of it. But it would be incorrect if one were to claim the trailer just as a depiction of atrocities that Shankar committed as there are scenes like the one where we see Shankar in captivity. There is a drastic change in his persona, he seems calm and composed, as opposed to the other scenes.

Perhaps the series also speaks about the transformation that Shankar had after his arrest. You never know, it would only be made clear if one were to watch the series. So, be ready and prepare your self, for the ride with Auto Shankar is bound to be bumpy and not as expected.

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