Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 9 August 2019 Written Update:Dharani Asks Aditya To Go Back Home

Sneha Bale

August 9, 2019


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In the last episode of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya and Dharani are seen by a man in a restaurant. He informs Mallesh about their whereabouts and Mallesh arrives there. He asks the man to play it cool and offer to help when he does not know how to pay their bill. But Dharani had seen Mallesh already and she tells Aditya to refuse to take any help from him. She also tells him that Saiydamma has sent men for them and they must run. After some running, they hide in the backseat of an old car and successfully distract Mallesh. But soon after stepping out, Dharani steps on a broken glass piece and hurts herself.

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In today’s episode, Aditya helps Dharan by removing the glass piece that’s stuck in her feet. But even after that Dharani finds it unable to stand still. Aditya slides his hand by her waist and picks her up in his arms, starts walking forward. A young boy dashes into a priest and the plate full of flower plates falls upon Aditya and Dharani. At the wedding hall, Narayana blankly walks away and responding to his wife, he says ‘at least, I am not going to die. I am dead already’. Godawari follows him but is stopped by Saiydamma.

Godawari turns to Saiydamma and tells her that she can come around Dharani. The god has done what was suppose to happen. None can change that. Saiydamma turns to Shravani for confirmation and she gives her the confidence of marrying Dharani to Shankarayya anyhow. Shankarayya too, asks his mother to stop the drama and leave for home. At home, Vedavati cries about all that Aditya has done for Dharani and left his own house. Her husband tells her it’s not the time to think about it again but to bring him back home.

Aditya and Dharani In Akka Chellellu
Aditya and Dharani In Akka Chellellu

Aditya and Dharani find a shed somewhere and call it a day. Dharani keeps recounting all that happened and how she has disappointed her father once again. She is delusional that her father is about to commit suicide again and gets to help him but falls down in Aditya’s arms again. Aditya helps her sit down again and asks why she stood up. Dharani tells him that he cannot give what she wants. She tells Aditya that she wants to fall on her father’s feet and ask for forgiveness and tell him that she didn’t do any wrong.

Aditya tries to tell her that she has not done any wrong but Dharani takes the blame upon herself, quoting that she is ‘a girl’ and has let him down. She cries about leaving only pain and sadness behind for her family. Dharani alleges that she has no way of going back home but he mustn’t stay here and he must return to his mother. Aditya narrates everything that happened since last night at home and tells her he cannot go home either. Dharani keeps thinking and talking to herself, eventually, she falls asleep.

Read the full written update of the previous episode here. Watch more episodes of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu on ZEE5, before TV.

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