Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 8 October 2019 Written Update: Dharani Helps Vedavati’s Pooja

Sneha Bale

October 8, 2019


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Earlier in Attarinlo Akka Chellellu, Shivudu disturbs Dharani and Aditya’s moment because he does not want them to come closer to each other. Dharani leaves for work but ends up going to the temple and lies to Aditya about it. There the priest tells her that the owner of the temple has been praying for the well-being of her son. She sees Vedavati and grabs the moment when she could come closer to her mother-in-law. So, she covers her face and applies turmeric paste to Vedavati and leaves immediately. Later, Dharani hears Vedavati’s tragedy and gets teary-eyed.

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In today’s episode, Vedavati tells the high priest about how another priest told her that her younger daughter in law will be the one to break her house. Vedavati asks for some blessing upon her family and children for all the good things that she has done. Dharani hears it all and concludes that Priyamvada has been playing two games at once with Vedavati and Aditya. Vedavati asks for leave but the high priest asks her to sit in solitude and meditate for some time.

Dharani leaves from there and goes to see the preparations for the Annadanam that Vedavati arranged. She sees that everyone was lethargic and instills a new spirit within them all. She tells them that everyone who comes to eat must love the food and praise the lady who has brought the food to them. Once the food is prepared, Dharani goes ahead and serves the people with the same excitement. A lady praises the food and blesses ten generations to come, for Vedavati.

Vedavati and Aditya in Akka Chellellu
Vedavati and Aditya in Akka Chellellu

Dharani gets excited upon hearing this and feeds more sweets to the lady. Dharani hangs around the temple when Vedavati goes to another priest. This priest tells him that another girl has asked the gods to bless her son and family. Vedavati thinks that it could be her younger daughter-in-law. The priest keeps talking about this young girl and Vedavati’s confidence grows to believe that the girl is none other than Aditya’s wife. She asks the priest to help her in finding the girl and goes to search for Dharani.

Dharani sees Vedavati coming her way and wonders if she is looking for her. But just before Vedavati could see Dharani, she sees Aditya and goes running towards him. She hugs him and tells him that she missed him and has been going crazy looking for him. Aditya tells her that Priyamvada told him about her real intentions and Vedavati is shocked to know this. On the other hand, Dharani thinks that one by one all the truths are coming out in the open. In such a case, how many troubles will be ahead!

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