Attarintlo Akka Chellellu: 7 Romantic Moments Of Aditya And Dharani That Are ‘All Hearts’

Sneha Bale

August 27, 2019


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1. The moment Dharani became Aditya's wife

The newlywed couple of the Telugu TV show Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya (played by Akarsh Byramudi) and Dharani (played by Chaithra Rai) are painting the town the red with their new love story. And hands down, we are here for it. Wondering what we’re talking about? Check out the Telugu serial here:

It wasn’t the moment when Aditya tied the mangalsutra in Dharani’s neck. It was during his fight with Dharani’s father, Narayana, he said: “She is not just your daughter anymore. She is my wife.” Now that’s a mic-drop moment that had our jaws drop.

2. The 'please never leave me' gaze

Soon after the fight, Dharani gets stuck in a situation. But Dharani’s mangalsutra turned out to have superpowers and she escaped the tough situation in a jiffy. When she returned to her newlywed husband, he held her hand, looked deeply into her eyes and told her: “Never leave me for so long, ever again.” *heart skips a beat*

3. The moment of pure beauty and joy

Their first night as the wedded couple turned out to be in a shed since their wedding was as good as an elopement. But they made the most of it anyway. Aditya made Dharani wear bangles that he bought with his hard-earned money. He then told her that she looks like the dolls that his mother gifted him in his childhood. And he can turn days to nights while just staring at her beauty. Cute or too cute?

4. If love had a look

If love had a look, we’re sure this is how it would look like. Sweeter than sugar and pure as adolescents, the way Aditya looks at Dharani is the way we all want to be looked at.

5. Innocence beats all else

Dharani and Aditya are not your quintessential lovers. For them, words are fewer and physical gestures are far-fetched. But one night, Aditya found his bower in his wife’s lap and she caressed him. To be very honest, we had tears in our eyes and we know you did too.

6. Playing peak-a-boo

One morning, Dharani found her husband deep in sleep, while the sun was out and about. She did not want to disturb him and yet wanted to play. So she stood in front of the window, blocking the sunlight and Aditya would relax. And just then, Dharani would move, letting the sun rays wake him up.

7. Words don't do justice

After irritating Aditya and then spending time trying to calm him down, Dharani laughs at Aditya’s childlike behaviour. And that laugh… it makes Aditya’s heart race and how!

Dear hopeless romantics! Let’s hope there’s some hope for us out there too. Stay tuned to their lovely love story or find more on ZEE5.

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