Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 4 July 2020 Written Update: Shravani-Dharani Challenge Each ther

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July 4, 2020


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Earlier in the Telugu serial,  Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, a member of the Board of Directors meets Vikram (Madhu) and tells him that Aditya (Akarsh Byramudi) shouldn’t be in the company. Later, the director provokes Aditya by talking ill about him and starts demeaning his wife, Dharani(Chaithra Rai). Aditya loses his temper and slaps the director. Vikram and Dharani try to pacify him but the director continues to laugh. At home, Shravani, Shobhan Raju and Priyamvada (Bhavana Reddy) make a huge scene about the incident.

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In today’s episode of the Telugu show, Aditya (Akarsh Byramudi) tells them that he slapped Ramesh Rao because he tried to talk ill about Dharani (Chaithra Rai). Aditya turns to Vikram (Madhu) and asks if he was wrong. Vikram takes a pause and informs everyone that Ramesh Rao tried to provoke Aditya through his words. Vikram also tells Aditya that he did not do anything wrong. Shravani (Chaithra Rai) tells everyone that this attitude will take them and their companies down to the ground.

That’s when Vikram gets a call from his subordinate, informing that an urgent board meeting has been called to take actions against Aditya. The person also adds that if Aditya returns to the office, the investors will step back and withdraw their shares. Vikram hangs up silently, but Aditya gets angry. He tells everyone that he will not go to the office again, and nobody has to fear losing anything. Aditya walks away into his room.

Everyone in Akka Chellellu
Everyone in Akka Chellellu (Source: ZEE5)

Dharani screams at Shravani and asks when she would stop demeaning people. For the first time, Dharani tells everyone that Shravani has been condescending to her since the beginning, and now she has started attacking her husband too. Shravani and Dharani end up in a heated argument while Vedavati tries to calm them down. Dharani tells them that she will prove Aditya’s worth and make everyone proud of him.

Shravani (Chaithra Rai) asks if Dharani would leave the house on failing to do so. Dharani accepts the challenge. Furthermore, Dharani asks what Shravani would do if Aditya makes everyone proud. Shravani feels threatened, but Dharani adds that she won’t ask her to leave the house, because she always wanted her family to be happy. Shobhan Raju makes matters worse by saying that they must sign a paper and make it official. The girls do it.

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