Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 28 November 2019 Written Update: Dharani Finds A Solution

Sneha Bale

November 28, 2019


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Earlier in Attarinlo Akka Chellellu, Dharani tries to explain to Aditya that every mother loves her child equally. He refuses to listen to her and goes away. Dharani goes downstairs to welcome her sister. Vedavati introduces her to Shravani as Vasundhara and gives her the responsibility to take care of the bride. Shravani gets overwhelmed when Priyamvada announces that the wedding will cost Rs. 300 cr. Dharani sends a child to be around them so they could listen to Priyamvada and the lawyer discuss their plan on a call.

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In today’s episode, Priyamvada is happy to see that no one is trying to mess with her. Dharani and Hamsa go into their room and think about how to tackle this problem. Dharani decides to dress up as Shravani, once again, and speak to Vedavati about it. She dresses up and tells Hamsa to keep Shravani busy. At the same time, Shravani thinks of meeting Vedavati and thank her for the grand wedding that is being planned for her.

Dharani steps out and goes to meet Vedavati. Shravani, too, makes her way there but is stopped by Hamsa, who asks her to lend some time so that she can test the makeup looks. Shravani agrees and goes back into her room. Dharani meets Vedavati and hesitates initially but Vedavati asks her to speak her mind. Dharani, posing as Shravani, tells Vedavati that she would like the wedding to be a simple one, in accordance to their status. And they could use the rest of the money to hand over gifts to their employees.

Vedavati and Dharani in Akka Chellellu
Vedavati and Dharani in Akka Chellellu

Vedavati is elated to hear this. Dharani also adds to keep this matter to herself. As she takes off and leaves for the night, a file and some newspapers fall from the coffee table. Despite Vedavati asking her to let it be, Dharani bends down to pick them up. Her mangalsutra falls out too. Dharani panics and Vedavati sees something too. Dharani puts her mangalsutra back inside and leaves when Vedavati calls her. She comes closer and removes a strand of thread and asks her to call it a night.

Hamsa continues pretending to do the makeup. After some time, Shravani gets up and leaves. Hamsa hopes that Dharani is done with her work. Shravani comes down to meet Vedavati and Dharani has to hide in a corner. Shravani sees the lights off and thinks that Vedavati must have slept already. Then it strikes her that she does not need to thank anyone because it’s their choice and decision. The next morning, she gets calls from her friends about how she is living her best dream.

Aditya and Dharani have another argument over coffee. Aditya asks his wife to stay in her limits because if Vedavati sees them, she will be kicked out. Dharani tells him that she isn’t afraid anymore and thinks that she has more work to do for clearing Aditya’s mind of Priyamvada’s nonsense.

Read the full written update for the previous episodes here. Watch more episodes of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu on ZEE5, before TV.

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