Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 25 June 2019 Written Update: Aditya Mocks Shankarayya In Temple

Sneha Bale

June 25, 2019


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In the last episode of the Telugu TV show Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, we saw that Aditya and Dharani landed in the same temple. Aditya came with Vikram to perform a pooja for his brand new car. And Dharani came with Shankarayya to pray on his birthday. As fate would have it, they met each other and here’s what happens next in the Telugu serial:

In today’s episode, Aditya and Dharani meet each other in the temple. Shankarayya is scared to see him and hides behind Dharani. Aditya asks them how they are and Shanakayya responds by telling him that it’s his birthday, so he came to the temple with Dharani to celebrate. Aditya further asks what Dharani gifted him for the big day and proudly, Shankarayya tells him that marrying Dharani is a gift in itself. He doesn’t need anything else in life. This irks Aditya and he starts hurting himself with the rubber band on his wrist.

That’s when a lady comes to Dharani in order to complete her vratam. She applies kumkuma on her and asks which one of them was her husband. The woman assumes it’s Aditya and compliments the pair. Aditya clarifies by informing that Shankarayya and Dharani are soon to tie the knot and he is only trying to forget her. Aditya asks Dharani if he’s changing, to which Shankarayya agrees. Dharani and her fiance take pradakshinas and Aditya leaves. Vikram meets Aditya on the stairs of the temple and asks whether he wants to go out for a drive and whether he was disturbed. Aditya tells him he saw Dharani but did not respond angrily and is not disturbed because of her. He takes Vikram to see Dharani. But Vikram stops him by saying that there is no point in seeing the girl whom Aditya doesn’t want in his life.

Vikram and Aditya In Akka Chellellu
Vikram and Aditya in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu (Source: ZEE5)

Narayana is staring blankly while having dinner. When his wife asks what the problem is, he tells her the concerns regarding the loans. Narayana still hopes that Shravani will save the situation and cusses Dharani for bringing in misfortune. This makes his wife furious and she tells him to stop blaming her for everything. Vikram asks if Aditya wants to take a long drive in his new car but Aditya insists on going home. At home, he excitedly applies kumkuma on his mother’s forehead. She is in utter shock to see her son turn religious. Vikram tells his mother that the change in Aditya has been rather wonderful.

Shravani makes her way to Shankarayya’s house and meets his mother. Shravani’s intentions are to speed up the wedding process and get Dharani out of the house. She tells her that the wedding muhurtam isn’t a big deal, but needs katnam (dowry) beforehand. Shravani threatens to have them locked up on charges of demanding dowry. They end up fighting and Shravani warns her to agree to all her terms. Stay tuned for more updates.

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