Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 11 December 2019 Written Update: Shravani Shows Her Greed

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December 11, 2019


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Earlier in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Priyamvada and the lawyer wait for Aditya and the family to travel in the car with no brakes. They follow them in another vehicle. Soon, Priyamvada realises that the lawyer’s plan has failed and there will be no accident. She asks the lawyer to slow down their vehicle, only to find out that they are sitting in the car without brakes. They meet with a minor accident and suffer a few injuries. Dharani helps Priyamvada in going back home only to reveal that she has beaten the latter in her own game.

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In today’s episode, Priyamvada ends up wearing a cervical collar. The lawyer taunts Priyamvada that the ‘Rajasthani Girl’ likes her a lot. In his defence, he informs Priyamvada that something about the girls in the house attracts him. That is why he ends up asking for favours from them. Priyamvada is annoyed to hear this and slaps him. The lawyer claims no pain is bigger than the pain of being slapped by her. Dharani tells Shivudu and F2 to stay around Dassamma and keep an eye out for Priyamvada. 

Narayana and Godawari come home for the wedding. Dharani is excited to see them and goes to meet them, but halts in front of them. Unsure of how to greet them, she takes a moment and calls Vedavati. Vedavati greets them and calls Shravani to meet her parents. Shravani comes to the living room and is visibly unhappy to see her parents. Vedavati introduces Narayana and Godawari to Dharani as her ‘Viyankudu-Viyankuralu’. Dharani takes this opportunity to greet them and seeks blessing from her parents. 

Everyone in Akka Chellellu
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Hamsa talks to Shivudu and F2 about the miserable situation that Dharani and Aditya are in, where they cannot greet their parents wholeheartedly. Vayuputra comes out to meet them and they make small talk about the wedding. Shravani cribs about how her parents came to Vikram’s house exactly three days before the wedding, as they had mentioned. She was hoping for them to show up directly at the wedding. Since the Rajasthani girl had touched her parents’ feet, Shravani feels obliged to do the same in order to maintain her image in front of Vedavati. 

Vedavati pulls Godawari closer and asks Shravani to wear the bangles that have been blessed by the goddess. The priest explains the importance of this ritual and Shravani’s face gleams once she wears the gold bangles. Vedavati asks Shravani to take her parents into the room and there, Shravani starts showing her true colours. She tells her mother to watch her words and not spill anything about Dharani. Once again, they all end up in a bitter argument about Dharani. 

Aditya takes an extra dose of the medicine, as suggested by Priyamvada when Dharani comes into the room. She hugs him tightly and Aditya smiles at this gesture. He turns around and asks about the reason behind her happiness. Dharani explains the situation and tells him that they need to get out of their disguise soon. Aditya asks if she has a plan, and the next moment, he turns outrageous. He yells at Dharani to go back home and walks out of the room. 

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