Arjun Kapoor On Panipat, Intermittent Fasting, Being A Fat Happy Kid And More

Aayushi Sharma

November 4, 2019


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Arjun Kapoor is currently gearing up for the release of his next, a period drama titled Panipat. The Ashutosh Gowarikar film also stars Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon in the lead. Arjun, who had to bulk up for his role in the movie, shares he felt like a child in front of Dutt. The Namaste England actor recently made an appearance on ZEE5 show Not Just Supper Stars along with his trainer Shivoham, best remembered as DJ Frankie from Kal Ho Na Ho. Yes, Shivoham played Frankie and is now a fitness ambassador. Read on to know how Arjun prepared for Panipat, his weight loss journey, and more.

“We all know that when one does a period film, there is a certain kind of physicality involved. I play a warrior in Panipat and thus, I had to beef up to look like one. Plus, when you are standing in front of Sanjay Dutt and have to face him, you certainly need that physicality to look like this man can take on him. It’s not just ammunition and arms, it had to look like I’d take on several numbers of people physically. We had to have that physicality in the way my character stands and even the way he is constructed. Nobody has done a period film where you are built like a tank. For Sanjay Dutt, I was a child, he was playing with me. I used to feel like a fan standing in front of him, it was too much fun,” Kapoor told host Gunjan Utreja.

Arjun has been doing intermittent fasting and swears by the technique. “We were shooting 7 to 7 for Panipat. I used to get up at 6 am and go to the sets. During the shoot, I was doing intermittent fasting. A lot of people must have heard of it and might think it is a fad. But I assure you it is an amazing thing that has actually changed my life in the past six months. When you are shooting outdoors, in gruelling conditions and weather, you cannot be worried about having food at 9 am, then protein shake, then eggs and so on and so forth. Beyond a point, it gets to you. So I am doing IF, I eat my first meal at 12 and the last at 8 pm-9 pm. However, I am a Punjabi and I love my food!,” the Half Girlfriend star revealed.

Shedding light on his routine before losing weight, Arjun said, “I am a bit lazy, so on regular days I get up around 9:30-10 in the morning, I have my black coffee, then work out. Whatever daily chores have to be done I do that, sometimes I have meetings, etc. The thing is I keep watching movies and all till late, my sleep pattern gets disturbed. Earlier, I used to watch movies till late, get up around 5 in the evening have my lunch and then at 8 pm again I’d start watching movies. When I was younger, I used to go alone of the theatres, now I, of course, go with friends but at home, I watch alone. Even when I went alone, I was the hall, so I didn’t need a company as such. I was a very happy fat kid. When I am shooting, subconsciously I know I have to face the cameras the next day so the schedule is on track. I am somebody who is naturally just nocturnal.”

Arjun even opened up about what made him undergo a massive weight loss and transformation saying, “I was never chasing this dream of becoming an actor. It sounds bizarre I know, honestly, but I never had this ambition. When you don’t have the ambition, you are happy with the way you are. My health suffered, of course. When you are a teenager, you want to look good. Slowly these factors came in. I identified it only from a health point of view. I tell this to everyone, I got to live my teenage years’ post-Ishqzaade. Most people calm down after 25-26 when they have had their share of relationships and settle down in the relationship, they know what they want in life. I actually discovered the kind of teenage romance, enjoying the female attention kind of things after Ishaqzaade.”

Shivoham shared the story of how he was cast in Kal Ho Na Ho. “Punit Malhotra was the casting director, we went to school together. So he said, bhai aaja, ek role hai. When I met Karan Johar, he said, dekh acting tujhe aati nahi hai, look tera suit ho raha hai. The motivation was I was going to be in New York for a month,” he said. Arjun cut in and added,  “He got to go to New York but they never took me. I was the last AD, the apprentice so I was working on the making of the film.”

Speaking about Arjun’s workout preferences, Shivoham shared, “He doesn’t love burpees at all. He loves bench press, push-ups. Everything else, even with his body weight, he is good at it.”

“In this profession, you start taking yourself very seriously. You need people around you will tell you it’s okay, calm down,” Arjun spoke about his equation with confidante, friend, trainer Shivoham. Watch the full episode below to know more:

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