Arab Gas Pipeline Explosion Caused Blackout In Syria According To State Media

Blast that disrupted power across the country could be a terrorist attack.

Sohil Nikam

August 24, 2020

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A massive explosion struck a major natural gas pipeline near Damascus, resulting in an electricity blackout across almost the entirety of Syria, according to state media. The country’s Oil Minister Ali Ghanem was quoted as saying that the blast “may have been caused by a terrorist act.” No deaths or injuries were reported from the scene of the incident, while the fire has already been extinguished and electricity restored across the areas that were affected.

The significant Arab gas pipeline is 1,200 kilometres in length and carries natural gas from Egypt into Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. During the long-running civil war in Syria, the pipeline has been the target of attacks five times before. Back in 2013, a power cut was caused by rebel shelling of the pipeline and had affected large swathes of the country. However, no one has ever claimed responsibility for the previous attacks on the pipeline.

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