Anu And Arya’s Jothe Jotheyali Completes 200 Entertaining Episodes!

As their unique love story completes 200 episodes, let’s go down the memory lane and take a look at some memorable moments!


July 30, 2020


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Believe it or not, Jothe Jotheyali completes 200 amazing episodes which have made us realise that time really does fly. The story of Anu and Arya starts off when Anu joins Arya’s company only to find herself more and more attracted to his personality and passion for his work. Anu actively gets involved in the business taking Arya by surprise at every step. The two begin to spend more and more time together after which they fall in love. While they have not confessed their feelings yet, they are surely on their way to finally uniting! Speaking of which, let’s take a look at some of their moments together.

This is the first time Arya and Anu meet. Anu was still in college then but was in search of an internship and meets Arya before she goes to his company to get the same internship. Arya is in awe with Anu the first time he meets her as he realises what a good person she is. The two also share an auto thereafter.

Anu and Arya meet for the first time
Source: ZEE5

Arya comes to Anu’s house to give her the appointment letter for her first-ever internship. Everyone at home is delighted about the same.

A Still Of Aaryavardhan, Anu, Subbu And Pushpa
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Here’s the first time that Arya and Anu decide to spend quality time together and go out to have a meal together.

A Happy Still Of Anu And Aaryavardhan
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Arya decides to tell Anu how he truly feels. He takes the ring that he had given Jhende to keep and decides to confess his love to Anu. However, things turn around when she decides to quit her job.

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The latest milestone that Anu and Arya have reached is where they have officially had their first big misunderstanding wherein their relationship will stand the test of time to see if this misunderstanding will ruin their relationship forever.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

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