Anthem Of The Brave: Check Out The Awesome Theme Song For Kaali 2 Which Has Just Dropped


May 30, 2020


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Kaali 2, the second season of the thrilling ZEE5 Original series about a mother’s fight to save her son, has just released. Get set for an action packed ride with Paoli Dam, who plays the titular protagonist, and actors like Abhishek Banerjee — the darling of gritty series’ — Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rahul Arunadoy Banerjee, and the latest addition to the cast, Vidya Malavade.

Watch the trailer of Kaali 2 below:

Kaali 2 has just released its theme song, which will send shivers down your spine with its powerful lyrics, resonant melody and top-notch sound production. Have a look at it right here:

Composed in Hindi, the theme song of Kaali 2 is bold, encouraging, and utterly beautiful in how it strikes a chord straight into your heart and rouses all kinds of intense emotions. Addressed mainly to the main character, Kaali, we can see how it alludes to the Goddess Kali too. We see Paoli as Kaali across various shots, and the lyrics are an ode to the promises she is striving to keep, the responsibilities she is fighting against all odds to uphold, and the sheer audacity and spirit she finds within her to propel herself through some of the biggest obstacles.

Source: ZEE5

A mother knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her only son’s life, which forms the crux of the show. The theme song complements and reinforces this very notion, as we see Kaali go through a varying range of emotions and dangerous incidents as it plays. We see her as strong and vulnerable, hopeful and despairing, and indomitable and worried, all at the same time. We admire her, are inspired by her, and root for her fervently throughout the sequences, and the song serves to strengthen all of those aspects musically. Moreover, the powerful anthem emboldens us and stirs our soul, much like the show, with its gorgeous vocals and resounding beats that we just cannot get enough of! Listen to it if you have not yet!

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