Annapoorna Reveals Her Mommagalu To Her Entire Family. EXCLUSIVE Kamali Pics Inside

Parinika Uchil

May 27, 2019

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Even though we may have lost all hope that Annapoorna Mahajan from the prominent show Kamali, would ever find her granddaughter, she never gave up. And the seeds of her patience, have now taken fruition. On the occasion of Kamali’s birthday, Annapoorna makes an announcement that astonished everyone present in her home, especially, Anika, Kamini and Urmila.

It turns out that, her hiriya mommagalu is none other than Kamali herself! Annapoorna Ajji proudly brings a revamped Kamali and introduces her to everyone as Kamali Mahajan, her older granddaughter. When I say revamped, look at her hairstyle and all-new attire, isn’t that so cool?

A Still OF Annapoorna And Her Mommagalu
Source: ZEE5

Urmila, Kamini and Anika obviously cannot digest the fact that all of Annapoorna’s property will go to ‘kesrin Kamali’! This came right after their many attempts to ensure that her Annapoorna’s massive wealth goes to Anika only.

A Still Of Annapoorna Mahajan And Her Mommagalu
Source: ZEE5

Even though the three ladies pretended to kill off a fake Gauri and a fake daughter, Annapoorna Mahajan is one step ahead of them or so it seems. On Kamali’s birthday today, there is more than one surprise awaiting you, so don’t miss even a single episode from here on! 

Let us know what you think Anika, Kamini and Urmila will do now that their worst nightmare has come true, in the box given below.

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