Animals Rescued From Widespread Bushfires Raging Through Forests Of Australia

Several images have emerged of animals rescued from the the Australian bushfires

Raghav N

July 30, 2020

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The bushfires that have plagued Australia’s jungles regularly, have left the country’s wildlife in a vulnerable state. These wildfires, which burn through the forests, typically occur in their severity during summer and autumn and in the drought years.

As the country struggles to combat this occurrence almost every year, heartwarming images and videos of animal rescue missions have emerged across social platforms. In addition to the firefighters, many wildlife experts and enthusiasts have come forward to rescue and rehabilitate these animals.

Many Koala bears, kangaroos, lizards and birds have been saved and treated by volunteers and crew from the country’s national park and wildlife services. Animals like the Koala are considered to be vulnerable to extinction due to these widespread hazards.

It is tragic that nearly three billion animals were either killed or displaced during the Australian bushfires in the past year between 2019 and 2020. In the aftermath of the devastation, many animals and birds faced starvation and dehydration, leading to lower chances of their survival.

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