Amulya Gowda aka Kamali Will Teach You Quick And Stylish Hairstyles For Your Long Tresses


January 24, 2020

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Amulya Gowda, who is the lead in the serial Kamali, first killed us with her good looks, and is now setting trends by braiding her long tresses. Well, can you imagine the number of hairstyles you can try, with locks that long?

Here are some braid styles that are not only easy and less time consuming, but also can give you a very different, look wherever you go.

Braided Flower Crown

Well, is there anything better than roses made out of your own hair? An easy way to do it is by creating three sections in your hair, that need to be braided individually. Loosen all three braids by tugging them loose from the right side, after which, each of them will have to be braided again in a circular manner. Pin it down flat against your head along the way, to make it look like a flower.

Half Dutch Braid

First, pick up a bunch of hair from behind one ear and divide them into three sections. Flip the side section under the middle one, adding more hair into it, with each stitch of the braid. Once that is done, braid it right till the end and secure it with a hair elastic. Tie all your hair (including the Dutch braid) into a ponytail.

Here’s a still of Kamali and Rishi. How beautiful does this braid of hers look?

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Easy Boho Braid

Divide your hair into three sections from the front and start French braiding the same. Once the braid has gone past your ear, tie it all together with a hair tie. Loosen the braid, once done, to finish off the look.

French Braid Twisted Bun

Divide your hair into three sections, by adding more hair into the braid from outside, with each stitch of the braid. Once the braid reaches the back of your head, gather the hair to tie them together, into a bun. Loosen it after tying, it to give it a casual look.

We really cannot get over her beautiful tresses! Take a look.

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Halo Braid

This one is the least time consuming and looks very casual. Pick up a small section of hair from behind your left ear, braid it right till the end and tie it. Repeat the same on the right side. Place your left braid along the top of your head, and pin it down behind your right ear, and vice versa.

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