Amul Baby Aka Karthik Prabhu Of Sathya Is A Fitness Freak, Here’s Proof

June 21, 2019


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Most actors these days hit the gym to stay fit and also inspire their fans to be healthy. Amul Baby aka Karthik Prabhu of Sathya is one of those actors who pumps the iron to make a better version of himself. In Sathya, Prabhu comes across as a soft-spoken childlike man hailing from an affluent family. His character stands in stark contrast to that of the leading lady who plays the titular role, Sathya. Prabhu is coy while Sathya is tomboyish. Interestingly, Prabhu is unlike his real self.  One of his throwback Instagram pic proves that he loves spending time in the gym.

Watch the latest episode of Sathya here:

The caption and the hashtags attached to the pic are inspiring. It reads: “Fitness is not bout being better than someone else! It’s bout being better than how you used to be #bratzlife #fitness #motivated #transformation #beyourbetterself #fitlife #gettingripped #actorlife #instagood #feelgood #lovemyself #naturalbodybuilding #eatclean (sic).”

Sathya is one of the most popular shows on the Tamil television space. For those who joined in late, Sathya takes care of her father’s garage and works as a mechanic with a group of boys. Destiny brings her closer to Karthik Prabhu who is poles apart from her. He addresses her as Rowdy Baby and becomes friends with her. The two share an unusual bond that makes people go crazy about them jodi. Fans want to see them together on screen because they share magical chemistry that needs no description.

Vishnu’s character makes a million hearts skip a beat because we seldom see a role reversal of sorts on television. The character he plays is unusual but definitely worthy of applause. What do you like the most about Amul Baby? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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