Amrutham Episode 16 Written Update: Anji Connects Electric Wires To Sanju’s Veena

Sneha Bale

January 1, 2020


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Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Anji and Amrutham sit over a wall, in a park, and discuss how to bring Sanju back to normalcy. After rejecting many ideas, Amrutham settles on making Sanju a music teacher. When Anji doubts Sanju’s abilities, Amrutham tells him that their love story started because of music. Amrutham narrates his story and the day passes by. When the clock strikes 5 pm, the two men shiver, because they see Sanju walking towards them. She stops in front of Amrutham, kicks him hard and walks away.

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In this episode, Anji and Amrutham take the Veena for Sanju, in a small coffin-like box. The clock strikes 5 pm, and Amrutham starts worrying again. Anji adds that they need to reach home early, or else, she will beat up whoever crosses her path. Unfortunately, the person who goes in front of Sanju happens to be their landlord. Sanju beats him up and locks the door. The owner falls close to where Amrutham stops with the coffin-like box. He mistakes it to be a pre-planned murder and asks if Amrutham plans on burying him in his own house. Amrutham and Anji laugh it out, and inform the owner that the box has a Veena for Sanju.

They hand over the musical instrument to Sanju, who starts playing without caring about the people around her. Anji suggests a plan to invite students and promises to take care of the business. On the first day, Anji goes door to door to invite children for music classes at a minimal rate. But he has no luck. Next day, he tries roaming on the streets and talking to people. One kid borrows five leaflets from him and runs away. Anji gets happy to see the progress he has made. He walks a little further when a paper-rocket gets stuck in his curly mane. He turns around and sees the same kid throwing the leaflets as paper-rockets.

Amrutham Episode 16 Stills
A still from episode 16 of Amrutham

Anji goes to Amrutham and demands for more money to expand their business, and spread over more cities. Amrutham stares at him for a moment and then slaps him. He tells his friend to ask the neighbourhood kids to come and enjoy the free music-classes by Sanju. Anji tries to argue, but Amrutham threatens to slap him again. Finally, when the students start coming in, Sanju goes back to normalcy. But the owner visits their house to collect taxes for entertainment and sound pollution. Tired of paying him money, Amrutham decides to lie to him, and asks Sanju to whisper throughout her session.

Sanju and the kids follow Amrutham’s suggestion. Earlier that day, Anji connects electric wires to the Veena, to produce ‘modern’ music, when a parent insists to teach his child modern music. Despite Amrutham’s attempts, the owner walks inside the house and sees what’s happening. He asks the kids to get out. Then, he picks the Veena and tells Amrutham that he knows how to get what he wants. But before he can do anything, the electric shock hits him, and the owner starts playing the Veena in all the weird ways possible. However, Amrutham and Sanju expect him to be a maestro and commend his skills until Anji tells them the truth.

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