Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Will Sai And Nachiket’s Love Story Have A Happy Ending?

Ankita Tiwari

July 3, 2020


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Almost Sufal Sampoorna starring Nikhil Damle as Nachiket Deshpande and Gauri Kulkarni as Sai Ketkar began airing on Zee Yuva about a year ago. The show is a youthful and coming-of-age romance with a cultural backdrop. The show started with Nachiket Deshpande arriving from Australia and landing straight at the Ketkars’ house. Appa Ketkar, the head of the house and Sai’s grandfather, is a very orthodox person. He believes in traditions and has a very strict rule pertaining to the disrespect of Maharashtrian culture. Nachiket, being from Australia, is unaware of the cultural values and this annoys Appa to no limits.

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Nachiket lives in the house and runs a big business. As the landlord of the house, Nachiket even holds the possession of the shops owned by Appa. Nachiket is an NRI and knows how to run the business on a global level. He is very successful. Nachiket’s friend Digambar (Digs) and Sai’s friend Richa play an important role in their lives. Soon after Nachiket arrives in India, he starts changing Appa’s mindset which is heavily laden with orthodox thoughts and regulations. He tries to tell Appa that mobile phones and other technological devices are important for day-to-day communication. He even gets Appa to choose English as the medium for the marketing of the shops.

Nikhil Damle from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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In the meantime, Appa’s hatred for the NRI Kangaroo, as he calls Nachiket, does not end. His hatred is undisguised and open. But Nachiket does not back off. Nachiket’s thoughts are loved by Appa’s granddaughter and the third generation of the Ketkar household, Sai. Though Sai’s parents do not believe altogether in Appa’s rules, they still follow them out of fear. But Sai goes on defying Appa’s rules when she meets Nachiket and falls in love with him.

Sai Ketkar from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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Sai and Nachiket’s bumpy ride through romance is filled with varied emotions ranging from hatred and jealousy to intensely passionate love. Ajji supports Sai and Nachiket’s union against the will of Appa and even covers up for them on occasions, but she backs off when she spots Sai kissing Nachiket on the cheek. Nachiket and Sai mingle and sometimes also argue over trivial issues but always fall back together. Nachiket even leaves for Gujarat on a certain occasion after their fight but Sai brings him back, roping in Digs and Richa for help.

Nachiket and Sai from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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In recent episodes, Nachiket helped Appa globalise his business. He shifted to the house next door and Sai helped him decorate it. They also celebrated Holi together. But later, Sai’s wish to dance professionally created a major rift between them as Nachiket wanted her to follow her dreams, but Ajji, Aai, and everyone else refused to support Sai. Sai’s dance teacher Phulwa Tai also scolded Sai about being so orthodox and asked her to jump out of Appa’s rule book if she wanted to do something for herself.

Nikhil Damle from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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Will Sai listen to Phulwa Tai and defy Appa’s rules? She will end up breaking his heart? Keep watching Almost Sufal Sampoorna on ZEE5 for more updates.

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