Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Why Is Ajoba Always So Gung-Ho About Marathi Language?

Did you ever wonder why Appa is so strict? Here’s your answer…


December 12, 2019


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Appa from Almost Sufal Sampoorna is a man who put his culture and discipline above all else. But, did you know what he gives the most amount of importance to? It is none other than the Marathi language. You can even say that Appa talks Marathi, walks in Marathi, sleeps in Marathi and most importantly, he ensures that everyone around him also speaks only, and only in Marathi! And, you see his love for Marathi in the best way possible on the show. 

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Here are a few reasons why he is a great advocate of Marathi: 

1. He supports his culture thoroughly

From naming his bungalow as  ‘Sanskirit’ meaning -culture) to making sure that not even a word of English is spoken in his house, he is a true blue lover of his culture. And, his thoughts and values are respected by every member of the family, some out of love and some out of fear. 

2. He is always ready to talk about the language 

If you ever have any difficulty with a word of Marathi,  you can be sure to ask Appa about it. He will not only tell you the meaning but will also inform you about the history and origin of that word. This only helps you understand the language better and fall more in love with it. 

3. He will not think much before testing your knowledge of Marathi 

Be it knowing the names of the months in Marathi or reciting poetry and asking the name of the poet, Appa has done it all. He believes this to be the right way to go about as it creates a good enough culture to flourish. 

Are you also crazy about Marathi like Appa? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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