Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Sai’s Love For Chandrakor Bindis Decoded

Are you a fan of Chandrakor Bindis? Then, you’ll love the many beautiful avatars of Sai!


December 11, 2019


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Gauri Kulkarni is a bubbly actress who essays the role of Sai, the female protagonist in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. This show is about the innocent love that blossoms between two individuals, Sai and Nachiket. Both of them belong to two different worlds. Nachiket is an NRI, who used to live in Sydney and is accustomed to its open culture. Sai belongs to a traditional Marathi family, where she has been lovingly brought up under the shade of her doting grandparents. This show is a perfect depiction of ‘east meets west’ and the fun that it all leads to!

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Sai is a sweet, docile girl with an ever-present smile on her face. Did you know that her warm smile is not the only thing that adorns her face? It is also her Chandrakor bindis! Both in reel life and real life, Sai is never seen without a bindi adorning her forehead. And to be honest, these tiny accessories only add to her beauty and make her smile, brighter!

Bindi or a colourful dot in the middle of the forehead is a part and parcel of the Indian tradition. Many cultural scriptures are known to place great importance on it, mainly due to its meaning. It is said that the mid-point on our forehead must always be adorned as it symbolises the point of creation and can be transformed into unity. This is why bindis are used as they help one symbolise various chakras and the mandalas around them represent the universe. 

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In Sai’s case, the bindi also looks like a perfect piece of style statement. Especially, when she is decked up in traditional Indian attire, the bindi takes up the pride of place. Did you know that whenever Sai wears a Saree, she always opts for a Chandrakor bindi to go with it?  Have you ever wondered why is a bindi shaped like a crescent moon or as Maharashtrians call it, Chandrakor? 

The origin of Chandrakor bindis is hidden deep within the rise of the Maratha empire. It is said that Shivaji was the one who made these Bindis famous as he always wanted to ensure that Swarajya becomes as luminous and bright as the moon. And, we think this is why even Sai always likes to adorn herself with a bindi. It’s because of her love for her culture! 

Which bindi are you a big fan of? Let us know in the comments below. 

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