Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Sai And Chinu Show 5 Things That Are Seen In Every Joint Family

One of the things is completing the younger cousin’s craft homework while they go out to play!

Manjiri Shete

August 4, 2019


3 min


Gone were the days when we saw generation after generation living together under one roof as a joint family. Everywhere now there are nuclear families with both the parents being working professionals. If you want to know what the joint family looks like, then, just watch Almost Sufal Sampoorna. The serial shows the pros and cons of living in the joint family through a typical Maharashtrian Brahmin household. In Ketkar’s house, we see the cousins, Sai and Chinu, are the youngest and belong to our generation. Seeing them, we realise the cousins in every joint family are exactly the same. On that note, here are commonalities that we found.

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1. The youngest makes you do their homework

When it comes to finishing craft homework and school projects, Chinu always has Sai to take care of his assignments. She will finish them on his behalf and the teacher won’t even come to know.

2. The older child has to include the youngest in the games

It goes without saying that when the younger child needs friends, he will always use his cousin’s help on the playground. The younger one will become friends with people who don’t even belong to his age group.

3. The older child has to become the bodyguard

When the younger child is getting bullied, the older cousin will run for help and protect him. We see the same bonding between Sai and Chinu, where she will run to rescue Chinu from anyone who tries to lay a hand on him.

4. The family members are always sympathetic towards the youngest

Being the youngest one, Chinu always gets sympathy even when he has been naughty. Like, the time, when Sai completed Chinu’s craft project while he went out without bothering to finish his work.

5. The older child has to be the mature one

The youngest cousin always gets the benefit of the doubt and is easily forgiven, but the same doesn’t apply to the older one. Sai’s family members expect her to be the mature one in the family.

After reading this, we would love to know your experiences living in a joint family!

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