Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Is Sai Right In Supporting Nachiket And Going Against Her Family?

Nachiket called the police to arrest Appa. This earned staunch disapproval from the whole of Ketkar family except Sai and Ajji!

Manjiri Shete

October 1, 2019


3 min


Just as the Ketkar family had begun to consider Nachiket as one of their own, there is a major complication which has arisen. In the last episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, Nachiket called the cops to arrest Appa who had tried to snatch the keys of their electrical room from Nachiket. Nachiket’s this move earned staunch disapproval from the entire Ketkar household. However, only Sai and Ajji don’t think Nachiket is wrong. They, in fact, are supporting Nachiket as Appa had once upon a time doing the same thing to him. As the situation continues to worsen, do you think Sai is right to support Nachiket and go against her own family member?

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If you think the enmity between a Nachiket and Appa would be resolved after Nachiket fell in love with Appa’s granddaughter, then, you are wrong! On the contrary, from the looks of the situation, we think Appa and Nachiket can never be on good terms. When he had shifted next to Appa’s house, he had asked Appa for the keys. But, Appa never gave it to him! But, in the present situation, the tables have turned as Appa is begging for the keys which Nachiket has! Afternoon Appa took it from him, Nachiket called the cops to get Appa arrested. Sai and Ajji don’t think Nachiket is wrong as they witnessed Appa bend the rules and ethics according to his convenience. However, the others from the family fail to see this.

We don’t know when the ongoing war between Nachiket and Appa will get over, but we are surely entertained by it! We laugh heartily at the pranks Appa plays on Nachiket. We would love to know if you are enjoying watching the show just as much as us?

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