Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Here’s How Sai Can Stop Thinking Too Much About Nachiket

In Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we saw Sai day-dreaming about Nachiket. Looking at her, we are suggesting ways she can improve her situation.

Manjiri Shete

September 22, 2019


3 min


Haven’t we all, at some point in life, found ourselves unable to stop thinking about that one person? Just like us, even Sai Ketkar from Almost Sufal Sampoorna can’t stop dreaming and obsessing over Nachiket. After Nachiket’s unforeseen absence, Sai has been having a hard time coping without him. Looking at her condition, we think she is in love with Nachiket, who also secretly likes her. While they are yet to confess their feelings for each other, we are listing ways that will help Sai in Nachiket’s absence.

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

1. Journaling

Writing helps you to reflect upon your thoughts and makes you understand them better. While you pen down your thoughts, be honest to yourself as your secret diary isn’t going to tell your deepest secrets to anyone. If you have a creative nerve, then you could make poetry and song lyrics, too.

2. Keeping yourself busy

If you are overanalysing your crush until a point you feel your head is going to explode, then, start by making yourself busy in your work or your favourite hobby. This will distract you and keep your mind engrossed in that activity. Take, for example, you could try an adult colouring book or play a musical instrument.

3. Spend time with your friends

Sometimes there has to be an outlet for your thoughts. For that, what better way than speaking about this in front of your friends? They will always readily see the situation from the third person’s perspective and help you unload the baggage on your head. You just have to consult a friend who has experience in this matter.

4. Stay positive

While you are overthinking this situation, don’t be too harsh on yourself and go down the negative lane. Think about all the positive outcomes that you can have alongside your crush.

What do you think about the above options? Let us know your thoughts on the comments below.

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