Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Have Sai And Ajji Misunderstood Nachiket?

Nachiket has taken all his belongings and moved out of his house. This made Sai believe that he left the country without informing her and her family.

Manjiri Shete

September 16, 2019


2 min


Who would have thought Nachiket’s absence would cause misunderstandings in the Ketkar house? In the last episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, Nachiket had gone away from his house. Sai, who had come looking for him, thought he has returned back to Australia without informing her family. She got angry at him for being ungrateful and told about this to Ajji who, too, was disappointed in Nachiket’s behaviour. On seeing the incident unfold, do you think Sai and Ajji have just misunderstood Nachiket?

Before you proceed, watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

After knowing Nachiket for some time now, we know he wouldn’t simply leave this country without giving prior notice to Sai and her family. The Ketkars have helped Nachiket during his time as their neighbour. Ajji gave him food while Sai helped him finish his documentary. This bonding between the two parties deepened the relationship between them. Now that Nachiket isn’t there, we don’t want it to create misgivings in Sai’s mind since it could distance them emotionally. Witnessing this situation, we wonder if he might be testing Sai’s feelings towards him since he is in love with her. For that, we will have to see Sai’s reaction when he returns.

Nachiket’s unforeseen disappearance is making Sai miss him a lot. As we saw, she can’t stop dreaming about him. What do you think will happen in tonight’s episode? Will Nachiket return back to his house? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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