Almost Sufal Sampoorna: 5 Ways In Which Sai Can Cope With Appa’s Anger

Sai and the Ketkar family can try to understand Appa’s perspective and get to the root cause of his triggers.

Manjiri Shete

September 12, 2019


3 min


Sai and her family deserve an award for graciously dealing with Appa’s anger issues in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. We have seen Appa always being disappointed or angry at someone for something or the other. Even when it comes to Chinu and Sai, Appa doesn’t spare them. His words of wisdom are spoken in a high tone while screaming at the person standing in front of him. Understanding how hard it would be for the Ketkars to deal with their grandfather, we have made a list of ways Sai can placate a hot-tempered Appa.

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1. See things from your grandparents’ perspective

The young generation lives a fast-paced life with rarely having time for anyone. Rather than getting frustrated and tagging our grandparents as annoying, we could see their trigger. Meaning, understand what exactly agitates them. For example, in Sai’s family, Appa wants everyone to speak in Marathi and strengthen their culture, then Sai could easily follow that.

2. Learn more about your grandparents’ past

In our busy lives, we rarely get time to have a candid conversation with our grandparents. So, Sai should take this opportunity during her free time to understand Appa’s past if he is willing to share. Understanding Appa’s plight will slowly help Sai empathise with him.

3. Finding mutual interests with your grandparents

This suggestion might raise eyebrows, but on your free weekends, why not do an activity which your grandparents and you like? It could range anything from playing a musical instrument to cooking. Moreover, this will keep them busy and help establish a smooth relationship with you.

4. Understand your role in the argument

During the times, they are complaining about going out too much or eating an excessive amount of junk, see if their argument has a valid point. Since your grandparents have seen the other side of during their young days, they are just looking to protect you. In this situation, we have always seen Sai and everyone else be very patient with Appa in Almost Sufal Sampoorna.

5. Have a conversation with your grandparents

Finally, after knowing their past, finding mutual interests and realising your mistakes, you could try to calmly talk to your grandparents. Don’t tell them of being mean towards you and be accusatory as it could worsen the situation. Do not vent out your frustration, instead, nicely put your side forward.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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